hey guys, this is “The 1860’s Bar” we’ve completely transformed a bar here in Brooklyn and had people invite their friends who have no idea they’re about to travel 150 years into the past welcome to The Black Rabbit gentlemen, light or dark? is there a beer list? (laughs) it’s a short list, light or dark (laughs) I’ll have a dark I’ll take a dark too alright my kind of men (laughs) that’ll be twelve I got you dude woaah, big spenders, somebody rob a bank or something? (laughs) that’s nineteen, eighty-eight, don’t spend it all in one place (laughs) I know you you know me? you’re Charles Edwards I wish I was you are Charles Edwards I am not you are, I’ve seen the posters outside which posters? the posters of Charles Edwards and he’s a wanted man for what he done in Philadelphia I’ve not been to Philadelphia in awhile, but… that’s a good story, keep that up (laughs) ok I’d watch your back if I were you well hello hi, how’s it going? you’re not from around here, are you? clearly not you should see how we treat strangers here in this bar uh-oh you wanna come upstairs with us? I don’t know, maybe later well if you change your mind, you know where to find us everyone is like, you two are clearly the two people who don’t belong band!? you’re late (1860’s music plays) (music stops) may I have your attention, ladies and gentlemen it has come to my attention (crowd boo’s) at the attention of the state of New York that the criminal Charles Edwards has been residing in this establishment and I intend to take him to justice I have a warrant for his arrest, Mr. Edwards you’re talking to me? I am, you are Charles Edwards wanted in Philadelphia, wanted for bank robbery (laughs) apparently please get up from your chair and come with me peacefully you have no authority, and you’re out of your jurisdiction I believe you are out of your jurisdiction you would be wise to leave this place because you have no……(bottle smash) (screams and yelling) you better get out of here while you still can, no leave the beer, go, go look I think there’s an Inn around the corner, stay there tonight, get out of town before sunrise don’t come back to The Black Rabbit, they’ll be looking for you dude, (laughs), they have my OkCupid picture it’s your OkCupid picture? can we go back in? I don’t know, I don’t know if we should it was a lot of fun, very unexpected, did not see it coming at all it just like becoming more and more of an experience and finally we were shuffled out of the bar and I was like (laughs), I don’t know what’s going on let’s send the cop in the cop is coming in