The 10 World’s Best Prison Hotels 1. Malmaison, Oxford, UK Oxford Prison, located in a medival castle,
closed in 1996 before being redeveloped into a shopping and heritage complex – and a luxury
hotel. The Malmaison uses converted jail cells as
guest rooms, although those parts of the prison associated with corporal or capital punishment
are now offices. It is, bizarrely, a popular wedding venue. 2. Het Arresthuis, Roermond, the Netherlands Het Arresthuis, which is Dutch for ‘house
arrest’, is a former prison and detention center in the center of Roermond. Historically, Het Arresthuis was used as a
detention house for small-time criminals awaiting trial and then as a state prison. Today it offers guests luxurious rooms with
complementary Wi-Fi, a flat screen TV and international gourmet cuisine at the hotel’s
restaurant – a far cry from the bare necessities offered at Orange is the New Black’s Litchfield
Penitentiary. 3. Hotel Katajanokka, Helsinki, Finland Housed in a converted county prison and pre-trial
detention center from 1837, this atmospheric hotel is on Katajanokka Island in central
Helsinki. Inside the red brick wall, you will find a
unique world of contrasts – with serene comfort, stylish design and a hint of Nordic
luxury. Restaurant Linnankellari operates in the basement
of this old county jail and offers Finno-Scandinavian local and organic food prepared of the finest
ingredients. 4. ALCATRAZ Hotel am Japanischen Garten, Kaiserslautern,
Germany For a more authentic prison experience, check
yourself into the Alcatraz Hotel am Japanischen Garten, Germany’s first prison-hotel. Dating back to 1867 and located near the Japanese
Garden in the center of Kaiserslautern, this prison-turned-hotel offers both cell-style
as well as conventional rooms. In the cell-style rooms, guests can get a
small taste of prison life via barred windows, original prison beds (made by former prison
inmates), and even a washbasin and toilet in the room. The hotel’s Hinter Gittern Bar, German for
‘behind bars’, is ideal for rounding off a busy day with a few drinks before escaping
to your quiet cell or room for the night. 5. Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul at Sultanahmet,
Istanbul, Turkey Situated in a three-storey, neoclassical prison
building with a landscaped courtyard, Four Seasons Sultanahmet is in the center of Istanbul’s
Old Town. Formally known as the Sultanahmet Prison,
or ‘Sultanahmet Cezaevi’ in Turkish, construction began in 1918 and housed male, female and
youth prisoners as well as the occasional artist and political figures. Today it offers luxury accommodation with
original works by Turkish artisans such as handwoven Turkish rugs and marble bathrooms. 6. Langholmen Hotell, Stockholm, Sweden Långholmen Hotell is housed in a 19th century
prison building on Långholmen Island in Stockholm. The modern rooms at Hotell Långholmen retain
many authentic prison features from the days when the building was knows as the Crown Remand
Prison. It’s also home to Stockholm’s most captivating
prison museum, From Crime to Chains, which is open daily and gives visitors insights
into Langholmen’s exciting past. Guided tours and other activities are also
available. 7. The Old Mount Gambier Gaol, Mount Gambier,
Australia Located just a short drive from the Blue Lake
and main street of Mount Gambier, this unique gaol (Old English for ‘prison’) offers
a range of experience accommodation options. Opened as a prison in 1866, guests staying
at the gaol today have access to many of the historic sites of the prison; such as the
old lounge, the library and the prison chapel, which have all been converted into modern
common areas equipped with internet, TVs and comfortable furniture. 8. The Liberty Hotel, Boston, USA What’s known today as the lavish Liberty
Hotel was originally built in 1851 as The Charles Street Jail. In its years operating as a prison, it held
famous inmates including James Michael Curley, Malcom X, Sacco and Vanzetti, among others. Today The Liberty Hotel elegantly combines
historic style and architecture with today’s modern conveniences, including Wi-Fi access
and state-of-the-art fitness facilities, while featuring playful nods to its infamous past. 9. Hostel Celica, Ljubljana, Slovenia This Slovenian hostel – once named ‘Hippest
in the World’ by Lonely Planet – was once a military prison, built in 1882 by the Austro-Hungarian
army. It is now “a true social center and a melting
pot of ideas” according to its owners, where guests can sleep in former cells. Each of the 20 cells was designed by a different
artist or architect, so no two are the same. They do, however, all retain the original
prison bars on the windows and the doors. 10. Ottawa Jail Hostel, Canada Operated by Hostelling International, the
Ottawa Jail Hostel served as the Carleton County Gaol from 1862 to 1972 and was home
to some of Canada’s meanest criminals. The top floor served as the jail’s death row,
and conditions were notoriously inhumane: up to 150 prisoners lived in small cells,
with no heating and no plumbed toilets. Thankfully, sleeping quarters have improved,
although much of the building has been kept as it was, to give visitors an authentic experience. The hostel is said to be haunted and visitors
have the opportunity to test this claim with a guided ghost tour.