I’m Gary Bembridge of Tips For Travellers.
In this video I’m going to tell you about ten cruise cabins that you
absolutely should avoid if you want to have a great cruising vacation. Now,
before we talk about cabins to avoid what I want to point out is there are
four basic types of cabin. And irrespective of which of these types of
cabin you choose, the tips I am about to give you will all apply. One of the
four types of cabins and the cheapest cabin on board is an “inside cabin”.
These are cabins which have no windows or balcony. The next type of cabin is an
“ocean view” and these are basically cabins which have a porthole or a window. The
next type of cabin is a “balcony cabin”, with some call “veranda cabins”. These
are the most popular cabins of all on board cruise ships, and modern cruise
ships try and have as many balcony cabins as they possibly can. The fourth
is “Suites”. These can range from just big generous sized cabins
through to huge big luxurious, almost apartment-like spaces. Whichever one of
those four you choose, my ten tips on what cabins to avoid apply to all of
those. So let’s take a look at the ten cabins that you should absolutely avoid.
The first of them is one of my big bug bears, and that’s adjoining cabins. Many
cruise ships will have cabins with interconnecting doors which of course
allow families, or friends, to be able to move between cabins fairly easily. If
you’re travelling by yourself with just two of you an adjoining cabin can
be a nightmare. There can be a lot of noise. You can hear people talking. You
can hear phones ringing and televisions. It can really put a real damper on your
cruise vacation. All the deck plans will actually identify and tell you
which are the cabins with adjoining doors.
The second thing to avoid is cabins underneath the pool deck. Take a look at
this cabin. It’s a beautiful cabin. It looks magnificent. However, on the
cruise that I had on this particular ship it was a nightmare! It was right
underneath the pool deck and there were chairs scraping, people walking past from
very in the morning to late at night, at lunch time there would be parties, lots
of loud music and, because we were in the Caribbean, late at night they would often
be parties and dancing on deck which kept me awake till all hours of the
morning. So avoid cabins underneath the pool deck. So linked to that, my next tip is
avoid cabins underneath the promenade deck. Many cruise ships have a deck which goes right around the ship so people like to walk out there. People go jogging.
So, for example, in this particular cabin again it was a nightmare because it was
underneath the promenade deck and early in the morning of the be thump-thump-thump of people going running and there’d be people walking at all hours of the night
and day – and it was really quite stressful being underneath the promenade
deck. My next suggestion is very carefully look at the deck plans and
avoid cabins that are near big public rooms. So particularly things to look out
for are things like kids’ clubs, where they can be kids coming and going all
through the day and into the evening with lots of noise of families and kids excited and running about. Next to the theatre or big auditoriums where events
are held both during the day and at night, because there’ll be lots of people
coming and going. Also those can be where the excursion groups meet and are then
set off from, so there’ll be a lot of talk and noise of people coming and going from
those various venues. Another very important thing to avoid is late night
and loud venues. So take a look at where the nightclubs are and where the party
venues are, and avoid cabins above or below those because you will have a
vibration noise and that bass sound pounding away till the early hours of
the morning. So make sure you avoid night clubs and discos. The next one that’s
very important one is take a look on the deck plans and stay away from the
laundry, because either side of the laundry will be loud noise from the
machines and also there’ll be lots of people coming and going and door slamming with lots of talking people coming and going all hours of the day and, although most cruise ships
have restrictions on when the machines can start and to be switched
off, not everybody sticks to those. So avoid
cabins on either side of the laundry and just opposite the laundry. I also
recommend that you avoid cabins that look on to the centre of the ship. On very big ships there is a big promenade that runs through the middle
of them and there are cabins over looking the promenade. In some ships there are also a few cabins are overlooking things like the central atrium of the ship. I
would avoid those partly because you don’t have a lot of privacy, because
people can see into your cabins, but also those promenades are often used for
parties, parades and music recitals, and so it can be
very noisy. My next tip is avoid cabins with obstructed views where the
lifeboats and the tender boats are hosted. Often you’ll get a cheaper
cabin because your look out and your view is obstructed by the lifeboats and the
tender boats. The reason I say avoid those is particularly on an
itinerary which has lots of tendering you’ll be woken up with lots of
noise of the tenders being prepared. So it can be fairly noisy. My suggestion
is to avoid cabins near crew access areas. These are sometimes much
harder to identify and find out, so you might want to either ask in
various cruise related chat rooms or ask your agent. People often complain if
there are is a service door near them with the crew coming and going because there can be banging, lots of noise as people come on or off duty or doing room
service etc. My next suggestion is to avoid cabins that are on very low decks
either right at the very back, near the engine, or in the very front ,near the
anchor. Lots of people who travel in those cabins complain about the vibration and
noise from the engine, and also being woken up fairly in the morning as
the anchor gets weighed. Also because it’s an area often with the crew coming
and going and lots of work going on, so try and avoid those. Well hopefully you found
that helpful and it’s given you some guidance as you look at booking a
fantastic cruise and the right cabin for you. If
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