This is a Wagyu steak to be more
specific it’s called a Japanese Wagyu a5 Wagyu.
It is the best piece of meat in the world. There is nothing better! And to
think that we can make this out of $1 is absolutely ridiculous,
but at the same time I’m gonna try it. This is the $1 Wagyu steak experiment. And for our beef i am using an eye round.
If you are unfamiliar with this cut let me tell you something it is not amazing
it is a hard-working muscle and the fibers are large, and we’re gonna be
taking our steaks out of it. The first thing I need to do is clean it up. I want
to remove all the silver skin and connective tissue. Since there’s a little
bit of fat on top I’m gonna be leaving that one alone. Once I was done this is
what it looks like My thinking is to cut the steak right in
the middle, I think that will give us the best part of this cut. When cutting it I
aimed that for an inch and a half thick. And here you can clearly see the size of
the fiber it is much larger than any other cut like a ribeye or a tenderloin.
It’s also lacking a good amount of fat and my goal is to take this steak that
is basically nothing and bring it up to an amazing steak. And to have a true
comparison I’m gonna be putting against this beautiful Australian Wagyu marbling
score seven ribeye. As you can see this steak is what meat
eaters dream of. It is a steak that once you eat it you will never forget. For a
better comparison here is one next to the other than MSB seven and the MSB
minus zero. It seems like the fat just took a hike and it never came back. This is Japanese Wagyu a five fat. This
fat is not like any other and it starts melting with a touch of your hand. If I
have to compare with anything I will say it’s like butter it just melts at room
temperature. In order for it to go through the injector all I had to do is
minced it up fine. It is not easy to cut as I’m handling it is just starts melting
in my hand but after grinding it all up all there is left to do is put it in my
injector and it’s ready to be injected. Since the meat is extremely soft the
first thing I wanted to do is to firm it up. To do that I just add it to my
freezer for 30 minutes. Now to inject it it’s pretty straightforward I’m going to
be using a syringe this allows me to put as many holes as possible and make sure
that it’s precise. After injecting as much as I can you can see that it starts
oozing out so there’s left to do is clean it up. And I was left with a
perfectly beautiful $1 Wagyu. To stop the fat from oozing out and
melting I decided to freeze it for 30 minutes.
Once the 30 minutes were up I put them next to each other and this is what they
look like. Now there’s left to do is to season them
and I used salt, freshly ground black pepper and garlic powder. But now that I
have these beautiful steaks ready my goal is to first sear them to make sure
that none of the fat escapes from the one-dollar wagyu.
Once they have been seared I’ll be cooking them in indirect heat until they
reach an internal temperature of a hundred and thirty-five degrees
Fahrenheit. But now I say it is enough talking and it is time to make some
amazing steaks. So let’s do it! All right everybody we have our beautiful
steaks here. What do you think Angel? Look like different. They look different?
Yeah they’re very… One is thicker than the other obviously. I want you to try it first and
you tell me how you like it. No no no no don’t do that face anyway.
Is this is gonna be terrible? Maybe Maybe it’s gonna be a un-edible but I can’t wait
to find out what you think. It’s there’s nothing you want us to try it together?
Okay go for it. And? We want to know! It’s a regular stake. What do you mean
regular steak. Regular steak. What do you mean a regular steak? I don’t know you want me
to say. Is it like good? Yeah Really? It’s good? Bro just try it bro! Last time you tried this steak this steak this is what we said everybody. This is not fun.
This is not good everybody no. I don’t enjoy that, you? No. I guess you’re
curious not to find out about this video ah. You are confusing me bro. Well I’m excited to find out what it
tastes like. Is it good? Yeah. Okay hold on before I try it you go ahead you try
this one here. Now we’re comparing there’s supposed to be the same exact
steak yeah so you tell me okay. What happened? This is trash. Come on Angel which one is
better? This is garbage. Yeah I think I think I
Chica could eat this one. Chica is my dog by the way so wait where are you going you
don’t want any more of this now? You said it was a regular steak though. But this is wagyu.
Yes that is wagyu. Isn’t this wagyu too? No. No? Is it different? You know what this is? Not wagyu. Not wagyu that’s correct. This is an eye round.
Okay. An eye round did it taste like an eye round? It’s a little bit surprising.
Really yeah that was like select choice-ish. Really? Like Yeah. That’s kind of good
I’m happy with that. What, why? It taste funny but then. Was it kind of tough?
A little bit tough and then. We can fix tough. You know how we can fix tough yeah? With your favorite method pineapple. No, no, no, no, no. But what about, did you feel fat inside of it? This one?
It had the flavor was there it was good. uh-huh I mean look you got one on your
fork. I don’t want to be biased I want to understand what you feel before I try it.
The flavor is a there’s a good flavor you can taste like there is some fat.
Okay. But it’s so much more tough than a regular like actual wagyu. Right. It is
my turn everybody let’s give this a try. It’s not bad! It’s not. I would say it’s like a regular steak. Yeah.
Yeah it’s like go to a restaurant that’s probably what they give you most of time.
It’s a big improvement I would say. From an eye round. From the last eye round we had.
I agree it gave a bit much better improvement at the same time it is still
a little tough. Let’s compare with Wagyu yea and see what’s. Yea let’s compare it. This is trash. No! This one you chew cuz you wanna keep chewing, that one you chew because you have no other choice. So that you can make it go down that’s true but I will say this when you bite on it the
fat does explode a little bit when you bite on it because there’s some
juiciness in fact. With eye round there is no juiciness and no fat whatsoever.
Yeah this one was juicy. Yes it was juicy. It was juicy. You know why? I grabbed
Wagyu fat and I put a bunch of wagyu fat in there. Is that’s what that is?
Thats what that white stuff is look at that. I thought it was like something you did maybe like a corn or something you just spray it or something I was like what is that bro? It looks like a piece of corn or something. Like a peppercorn, peppercorn. Would you pay a dollar for this one? Yea. I pay like maximum like maximum five dollars. Hey from $1 to $5 bucks! I think maximum five dollars. All right
so the deal is it is not a wagyu. Was it easy? No. No. It was not easy I must be
honest it was difficult to make sure I put every single hole in there and
sometimes with your injector when you’re injecting the injector gets stuck you
know what I mean so it’s like yeah it’s a pain on the butt to do it and it’s not
something that is easy to do. It took forever to do it let’s say you were
selling this steak, Yeah. I think you go to jail you sell the steak Angel. You can not sell this one. Let’s say you were selling this thing. Okay.
Is it worth the work only if you charge maybe like 30 bucks or 40 bucks for that.
No I’m not paying $30 that steak. I’m not paying it I’ll probably maybe…You
can’t even get me to pay… $5.99 for that. Maybe a no roll? You know what a no roll is?
No like choice prime. No choice no select like USDA said you know what this
one is a no-go. Maybe an improved no roll everybody. You got this off the foot or something like… foot of the cow. It is not amazing but
at the same time. Cow heel. It’s something okay. Yeah it was a fun
experiment. I hope you guys enjoyed this video, if you do enjoyed this video make
sure to give it a thumbs up. Don’t think by you just injecting fat on the steak
will make the steak better because you will improve slightly but not that much.
Yeah not worth it. Get a prime ribeye yeah if you gonna spend money on like. On a wagyu fat
yeah I agree 100%. Just buy ribeye. Don’t forget if you’re not a subscriber make sure you
subscribe and remember if you’re interested in anything I use everything
is always in the description down below. Thank you so much for watching and we’ll
see you guys on the next one take care everybody. Bye bye.