Phoebe: Hey, you guys! Phoebe here from Little Grey Box! Matt and I are in Thailand and we are in the capital city,
Bangkok. This place is huge, it has a population of about 8 million people so
there are a lot of buildings, there’s so much to see and do, there’s so much great
food and some interesting culture and history to experience and today we’re
gonna get stuck into that and find out just what there is to see, do and eat around
Bangkok! Phoebe: This is Chinatown in Bangkok. Founded in 1782 it is one of the largest in the world. It is a sprawling Mecca of food, herbal remedies, Chinese medicines, all
kinds of things! There’s all kinds of stuff to buy, temples everywhere, it is a
feast for the senses! I am seeing so much good street food here already it is not
even funny. It’s well worth coming down to Yao Wa Rat road, you want to start
there, that is the heart, the hub. From there just branch out, explore, get into
some of those woven alleys as you never know what you’ll find! Phoebe: The theory here is that you purchase
these and then you burn them and that sends them to your ancestors. So some
things that you can send… if you’re missing some gambling in the afterlife you can send that. What about the latest technology? Maybe just a fedora hat?! They’ve even got Gucci slides! This is Wat Mangkon. ‘Wat’ is temple and ‘Mangkon’ is dragon so this is the dragon temple.
It is the oldest temple in Chinatown and it is the most revered Chinese
temple in Bangkok. It’s really beautiful in there monks are
chanting and it’s just a really cool thing to come and see. That said, make
sure you don’t come during Chinese New Year because apparently it is packed
with thousands and thousands of peopl.e We’re on board Siam Hop, Bangkok’s Hop-on-Hop-off bus service. Now they offer one two and three
day passes and they have four different routes which will take you to different places depending on what you want to see and do, which is really cool because you aren’t just doing the same loop day in and day out now what I love about this is it is
fully air-conditioned. Guys it is so hot out on the streets of Bangkok this is
the way to get around you can see everything there is an audio guide to
give you more information as you go around and what I personally love about
hop on hop off bus tours is it’s great for figuring out what you want to
see and coming back to do those things in
more detail later and you can just skip the things that don’t take your interest. We”ve jumped off at one of the stops along the hop on a bus bus tour. This is Tah Phra Athit and it is near Khao San Road. So here there’s a fantastic
little museum, a little art gallery, that we just did a quick lap of. It’s free to
visit, you just have to register, sign the ledger when you walk in. Outside, here,
is Cafe Amazon this place is really cool. You’re served by deaf baristas so there are some hand signals printed on signs that you can use to communicate with sign language. Now we also picked up these little snacks earlier so this is coconut
milk yeah now maybe some rice or something in there to solidify it so
these are easy to pick up you guys you can just get these from street food vendors
don’t be afraid to dig in and give things a try! Mmm! Really lovely!
That caramelised brown sugar with the coconut in the middle is
sensational! Okay so one of the things I struggle with a
lot when I travel is how to really get into a destination and quite often
you’re walking around and you’re saying things like that’s nice but how do you get
into it? So guys the hop-on hop-off bus are working with people in the
communities. Now there is an organization called Bang Lamphu Community Walk and what they’re
doing is reaching out to people like these guys who are local artisans and
they are taking that history and that cultural artistic tradition they’re
connecting people with it! They run guided tours which are totally free you
guys they are by donation at the end. Of course you know you would donate what you thought the tour was worth. It’s keeping local arts and tradition and
culture alive and it’s giving travelers like you and I the chance to really
really really get in there and connect with the destinations, not just
scratching the surface. You are getting in there! These guided tours are
fantastic! Matt: So this is Khanom Buang and you have to try this when you come to this area. So delicious, very sweet! Phoebe: We were just at a mosque, the leader of the mosque was just saying to us that the Muslim community works side by side with the Chinese community they help out at Chinese temples the Chinese
Buddhist community help out at the Muslim temples. That is just beautiful, everybody here works in in harmony there’s a certain peace and
respect like they’re working together for the betterment of each community and
I just love that it’s so nice to connect with them! We are grabbing afternoon tea
here at Gingerbread House they do beautiful Thai sweets and tea’s and
coffees we’ve gone for some mint-lime sodas and Matt’s gone for a lemon soda oh that
looks so refreshing and here we’ve got a beautiful Thai sweet okay that’s really really good! The heat
in Bangkok is no joke so when you are packing
I really recommend packing an umbrella because it’s the only thing that offers some cool and shade from the intense midday heat I also usually carry a fan with me
like um a paper fan and that’s one other way I can keep cool. You need to
drink a lot of water and you need to make sure you’re dressing appropriately
so that is light breathable garments cotton is your friend anything light and
breathable. Obviously if you are planning on visiting some temples
you need to have some temple appropriate clothing too with shoulders covered,
knees covered. In that situation a scarf and a long skirt will do just fine but
you guys do not underestimate this heat drink plenty of water and pack a ‘brolly (That’s Aussie slang for umbrella). So we are staying here at Shanghai Mansion located in the heart of
Bangkok’s famous Chinatown district now this place has a 1930s shanghai
aesthetic to it but actually began life in 1892 as a trading house it was later
transformed into Bangkok’s first-ever Chinese opera theatre which was
frequented by members of the Thai royal family now after undergoing a few
different leases on life it is Shanghai Mansion and this beautiful hotel.
I have never stayed anywhere with quite this decor before, it’s awesome. The
hop-on hop-off bus that we’ve been getting around on today, one of the stops
is located right outside. We had breakfast this morning it was absolutely
fantastic! So we flew from Australia to Bangkok with Thai Airways you guys and
we were lucky enough to be upgraded to business class as we were working with
the airline and it was just a great experience so much legroom lots of food
on offer and some great movies to choose from too. Now when you arrive in Bangkok
you are going to want to have a plan in place for how you’re going to get from
the airport to your hotel there are a few different ways to do it you can
organise a taxi make sure that it’s metered. There are trains as well. I have to
say above and beyond my favorite way to do it is private transfer. Now look Matt
and I are by no means the richest people on earth but
private transfer just takes all the guesswork out of it. I’ve organized them
myself before you just book online, choose a company that you like the look
of, prepay and the driver is there waiting for you and takes you right to your
hotel no mess no fuss. Alternatively some hotels may have a shuttle service from
the airport to your hotel if you were tossing up between two different hotels
and one of them offers that shuttle service I hands-down recommend going
with them. We’re at R-Haan, one of Bangkok’s
Michelin star restaurants. Only in Thailand could you go to dinner
to a really fancy restaurant and have the first course be a shot! Phoebe:So, the first few courses have been amazing! The flavors are so big and everything is just delicate and
delicious, not too filling but now it’s time for main and they
have put out this feast there’s so much food on his table. The smells, you guys, it is spicy it is coco-nutty, it is creamy it is everything.
This is a good dining experience! So that brings our first day here in
Bangkok to an end. I’ve been here about four or five times now I’ve never had a
day like this I’ve never felt like I’ve really gotten
to know Bangkok before but today everything is amazing I felt like we
connected with the people we saw the real heart of the city and we have tried
so much good food you guys. I am exhausted I am so so tired right now
so we’re gonna head in and get a good night’s sleep and then do it all again
tomorrow. Phoebe: Gooooood morning you guys! Alright, it is our second
day here in beautiful Bangkok and we are starting the day with a bang! Phoebe:We are here at the Central Embassy which is a high-end shopping
mall here in Bangkok and we’re about to go into DII for some treatments you
guys I am ready to get my chill on yes that long-haul flight say goodbye to that stress, and those tired legs from walking around all day yesterday oh let’s get in there
and unwind. I am so relaxed that was a fantastic
experience the therapists really listened to us I love a strong massage
and quite often strong to some people means like too much elbow or not strong
at all you know the therapists, they knew
exactly what strong should be just a really good quality massage. Look when we travel to Southeast Asia there is a temptation there to indulge in
five-dollar messages but the thing about a five dollar massage is you get what
you pay for so you guys I personally think at this stage of my life it’s
worth coming somewhere like this and having one really good experience that
actually leaves you feeling amazing afterwards, so DII – highly recommend! Now if a massage isn’t quite your thing I got the scoop from the locals that
the food court here at the Embassy is actually incredible there’s lots of great
food down there it’s not crowded and if you’re up for a spot of luxury shopping you can do
that too. Over 70 years ago Jim Thompson founded the
world-renowned silk company has become a a hallmark of Thai sophistication and
design. Jim is actually credited with helping to revitalize the Thai silk
industry in the 1950s and 60s so this restaurant, Spirit, really is here
to pay tribute to Jim Thompson and his spirit and his approach to life and
design. The restaurant here is all about refined Thai
flavors and they’ve sourced a number of beautiful recipes from all over Thailand
they really hero those iconic Thai flavors. You’ve probably heard of Jim
Thompson if you haven’t when you see the silks you will immediately recognize
them now this restaurant is located right in the heart of Bangkok so is an
easy place to visit and a really tranquil Oasis away from the hustle and
bustle of the streets. The gardens are beautiful the restaurant is lovely and
now we’re going to find out just how good the food is! All right you guys so it has been a second
since I saw you lost if there is anything you need to know about Bangkok
it is that the traffic is crazy! Getting from point A to point B can take a
minute and in this case point B was our brand new hotel that we checked into
earlier. When we got here we were pretty pooped so we decided to enjoy the
room and have a bit of a nap I will show you our room here at Millenium Hilton
in a second, well in a minute, but for right now we’re gonna go and get some
dinner at a delicious little restaurant which is very nearby to here so let’s go
do that! Let’s eat some more great Thai food and then let’s check out the
rooftop and the room! Phoebe: “What is it? Klong Kan? Guides: “Klong San!” *Laughs* Phoebe: “Klong San. Ughh! Oh nuts. I’m so tired. Alright. Phoebe: “Okay. Klong. San.” Teddy: “Sometimes, it looks more natural when we say incorrect right?! You say mistake. Phoebe: “Tell that to YouTube!” Phoebe: After that
delicious dinner it is time for a nightcap and we have come here to the
360 rooftop bar on top of the millenium Hilton where we are staying not the
Millennium Falcon, the Millenium Hilton You guys I’ve gone for a piña colada
because I am feeling my tropical vibes here in Thailand and yeah this looks
amazing let’s try! Oooh! It’s really boozy! so this is our room at
Millennium Hilton and I want to give you guys a bit of a room tour because this
place is really cool it’s very very modern so where Shanghai Mansion had
that 1930s kind of Chinese vibe going on this is very very clean modern elegant
very classy and classic that bed looks very very comfortable as you can see and
I can confirm it is comfortable those pillows are amazing you just kind of
sink into them we have a huge telly on the wall here so it really depends what
you want when you come to Bangkok you can have that more boutique kind of feel
like Shanghai Mansion and that’s more kind of an earthy experience I would say
or if you’re into something a little more classic and classy and modern you
can come here to millennium hilton and have that experience right on the river. Phoebe: Goooood morning you guys so it is our last day
here in Bangkok we are flying out very very late tonight but we will try to pack as
much as we possibly can into today. Down here on the ground floor of ICON Siam is
this fantastic Thai food marketplace so you can walk around here and try all
different kinds of regional Thai local food and it is fantastic the way it’s
set up some of them are in little kind of boats in the water and it’s just a
really really great way to beat the heat you guys and it is so outside. Being here
it’s lovely and comfortable it’s about 10:30 in the morning right now and they
are already set up for the day so you can come here nice and early beat that
heat and try lots of great local food and leave with a full belly. So lunch today is here at the Summit House Project. We’re dining along the Chao Phraya River and it is a beautiful
location this place is like a big greenhouse almost and all of these dishes, everything looks
and smells phenomenal. Now this beautiful spot is Lhong 1919 and it is a 19th century
Chinese mansion. It has been fully restored and is open to the public and at the heart
is a shrine to the goddess mazu and she is the goddess of seafarers this is
a really beautiful peaceful spot along the river again it’s away from the
hustle and bustle of the things you usually see in Bangkok and I absolutely
love seeing the old-world Chinese architecture, it has a very laid-back vibe
and it’s an incredible spot for photographs! We are ending our last day in Bangkok
with a river cruise and some dinner on board it is going to be fantastic so this
is the Grand Chao Praya Cruise and I’m really excited I’ve never done one of
these before again just another perspective on Bangkok that I haven’t
experienced. Check out the look on the drumming guys face. He is done! He’s over it, he does this every night he’s had enough! Phoebe: As you can tell we have had an amazing
time here in Bangkok and I keep saying it but this time has been completely
different to any other time I’ve ever come here I didn’t really feel like I
experienced it properly I thought it was for backpackers and you know getting
drunk and all that kind of stuff but there is such a different side to the
city that I never knew was there and on this trip we really really uncovered
that and I feel like I properly connected to the locals and had maybe a
more age-appropriate experience. If you’ve ever been put off visiting
Bangkok because you thought it was too backpackery or whatever guys there is a
different side and if it can appeal to me it can appeal to you and with that we
are done! I really hope you guys enjoyed this video now if you don’t already be
sure to subscribe and say Sawadee Ka (that’s Thai for hello!) in the comments below have a great weekend
you guys and I will see you next week love ya! Phoebe & Matt xx