so we just found out that something is
living in that lamp and I’m going to check it out with our GoPro oooooh it’s moving hello again so not much going on today
had some lovely breakfast may be the best breakfast so far quality of the food
ridiculously good heading down to the pool around two I think we’ll have a spa
treatment so looking forward to it so today we have a crazy animal day so to speak
so this guy here is trying to find the venomous snake up in the trees
I give you a few seconds maybe you can spot it yourself could you find it let
me clear it up for you at the end they weren’t able to catch it so never forget
that you are on a tropical island and there are wild animals everywhere
alright so now we try something new I have a lot of 4k gear but the better
part of the footage I took since we are in Thailand is made in full HD but since
now I am taking you through the hotel and everything I thought maybe I should
dedicate today’s episode to 4K so let’s see how it works out all right so behind me this is the main
pool area one of two so this is the lower one with like access to the beach
the first images we took yesterday were all from here so
really nice infinity view kind of like it here another really cool thing about this
place is they have like all this like little hidden chill out and hang out
areas like this pond with all the fish really neat there’s a lot of exploring to do
I guess so so right behind me there is even a yoga
studio you can do classes for free and they even introduce you to yoga so
really a good combination of like activities that you can do around here
the area behind me is one of the four restaurants they have around here so
every time you wanna grab something to eat while you’re at the beach this is
your place to go and they really serve delicious ice cream another cool thing all the stuff behind me
rent-free so every time you want to go like stand
up paddling or something go here take it for a spin
bring it back charge free everything included and by the way today it is ridiculously
hot it’s like said something around 39
degrees we spent the day at the beach but it was
way too hot for everything so people around here are so nice they’re like
thanking you for everything yeah they really are grateful for if we tip in
everything and they really just want to like help you out all right
heading to the reception so this thing here is the spa we’ve been there and
trust it’s like a fairy tale in there they take you down like a little bridgie
thing that goes across the whole jungle that is right behind me it’s really
really beautiful and they really do a great job so because of the thing with the hills
and as you can hear this weather and this steep hills are like tiresome
they have golf carts to take you around downstairs
but if you want to go up the hill you’ll need one of the motorized things cuz
otherwise they would never get up that hill we’ll head up I’m going to the gym
and I will give you like a little tour of how you get up there this one behind me is the hillside
Terrace and I mean the view with the infinity pool and everything by the way
this is one of the best restaurants the around here Seven Seas really delicious had
the lobster loved it I think there is the gym and stuff so let’s check it out