– I’m intrigued. (laughing) This is giving me anxiety. Oh my gosh. (screams) We did it! (gasps) Look at it! We did it! (screams) (upbeat music) Hey guys, it’s Kayla
from We Are The Davises and today, we are going to be
doing a Walmart slime review. So, we picked out a
bunch of different types of slime from Walmart and we are just gonna be reviewing them. We’ve done one of these before, so if you wanna go see that one, go check it out, it’s
somewhere on our channel. This is from Compound
Kings, it’s Neon Slime. So, I have tried this type of slime before from this company. It’s gotten pretty messy
so my expectations are low. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Maybe it’s good. This is $4. ♪ Ah ♪ Oh, there’s a seal. This is the slime. It’s pretty good actually. So, let’s take some out. Ooh, that’s really bright. Okay, yeah, that’s not as
sticky as some of the other ones that I tried, I’ll see. Oh, that was pretty good. Yeah, so this is pretty good actually. That’s pretty nice. My expectations were low, so, good job, you exceeded my
expectations, Compound Kings. So, this is a seven out of 10 slime swirls because it’s not sticky and it clicks but the stretchability is a little, hm. So, it does stretch, it’s just a little difficult to stretch it. (sploshing) And it’s very brightly colored. It’s quite nice. So, if you let it slowly
drip then it’ll work. But, oh, that was weird. (laughing) So, yeah, seven out of 10 slime’s swirls. Good job, Neon Squishy Like Slime. (laughing) Next slime. (farting) Eight of 10. (laughing) Okay, so this is Orb Slimy Ooops. I think it’s a fart slime and this was four dollars and 88 cents. So, it’s really light, these are like almost the same size and this one’s way heavier than this one. So, I guess we’ll see
what this feels like. (groan) Whoa, did you see that jiggle? (laughing) There’s like a little bubble on top. Ooh, ooh, ooh. Okay, so this is the slime. (laughing) It’s weird, I don’t
know how to explain it. It’s not pokey, like you poke it the same way that you would that one. And it’s, almost rises
back up like a squishy, it’s a squishy slime. It’s very stretchy. It’s got like a weird kind
of stretch to it though. Like, here, let’s see. Yeah, it’s like, it comes
back to its original (laughing) form. I don’t know how to,
it’s like an elastic band turned into half slime. (laughing) So, hmm, I would give this a six out of 10 slime swirls. Because it’s squishy and if
you put this in like a balloon, or something, this would
be a great stress ball. The one you like, squish it like this, it feels really nice. It’s, does it leave any
residue, it’s not sticky. But the stretching is weird
and the poking is weird. It’s got a funky smell too, so. (laughing) Orb’s Slimy Ooops, oh! We didn’t even test the fart ability. (farting) Oh, yeah, that’s pretty good fart. (laughing) Okay, I’ll give it a seven
out of 10 slime swirls because it did what it said it would do. (farting) Okay, next, we have
Nickelodeon Slime Party Cake, Fun Scented, three dollars, 97 cents. It’s like a pink slime and in the bottom, there’s little beads in it so, let’s see what this feels like. Oh, that was really cool. (gasping) That feels really good. Wait, ready for this? (sploshing) That feels so good. It smells like cake. I love that. Oh my gosh, it feels really good. Like something you
would buy off Instagram. And do you see how glossy that is? Just first impressions, this is way better than the other ones. I’m just gonna say it right now. (laughing) (sploshing) Do you see that gloss? It’s so glossy. So, it’s really stretchy. (sploshing)
(gasping) Super bubbly. Oh, it’s kinda sticky. Hmm, hmm. Not sure how I feel about that. (laughing) Let’s see the pokes. (sploshing) Definitely got good pokes. It smells amazing. And the little beads are
like little sprinkles. It’s pretty good. I could see someone buying
this off of Instagram. And we bought it at Walmart
for way cheaper, so. (sploshing) That’s a good bubble. Look at that. It’s so see-through, oh. (sad piano music) (laugh) Okay. (laughing) Whoa, okay, okay, okay,
that’s not too bad. I mean, this slime is a little sticky. So, the texture is great and I would say I have some
pretty slime resistant hands like most of the slimes that
I would say aren’t sticky, all my friends say it’s super sticky. So, maybe for you guys, this
slime will be stickier even. So, I would give it, for me, a nine out of 10 slime swirls, just in case there’s a better one. Just gettin’ started. But this is a really good one. Oh, now it’s sticking to me. Everything else is pretty
great about this slime. So, let’s see who our next contender is. So, this is Cookie Dough Slime Ice Cream, Looks and Feels Real. So I’ve never seen this before or heard of it. I’m intrigued. (laughing) The girl on the package looks
very excited about this slime. So, let’s see what it’s like. Oh, that’s, oh, okay, okay, okay. So, I don’t know, it’s a
little jiggly, I guess. Oh, my gosh, okay, it won’t get out. Oh, okay, there we go. (laughing) Okay, so, first things first,
it said looks and feels real let me just say right now, this does not feel like ice cream. So, I don’t know about
you, but doesn’t really look like ice cream too, so, we had to get that out of the way. But that’s not judging the
slime, that’s just the branding. It just smells like slime, so. (laughing) No ice cream scent, hmm. (laughing) It doesn’t feel terrible if
you’re just going like this, it’s just, obviously you can’t poke it because it’s a jiggly slime, it’s like almost like a water slime. You can’t really stretch it,
it kinda just sits there. The chocolate chips are
falling out very easily. So, if you want a mess
all over your house, then get this slime. It doesn’t look or feel like ice cream. It doesn’t smell like ice cream. All you can really do with it, is this. Or you can put it in a balloon
and make a stress ball. I’m just saying. Do you really wanna pay
six dollars, might I add, for this slime, just
to put it in a balloon? So, I would give this a
four out of 10 slime swirls. There’s two pitty points and then there’s two points for
being able to jiggle. (slapping) And the idea of putting it in a balloon sounds like it could be nice? So, would not recommend, sorry. (laughing) So, this one is by the same company that made the Neon Slime. This slime is four dollars and 88 cents and it says Galaxy Mash. So, we have Fluffy Purple
Slime and Planet Foam. The Fluffy Slime last
time was the messy one so I’m a little nervous about that but I’ve never tried their floam. Today’s full of surprises, let’s just see. (laughing) Oof, and then we just pop off the lid. I’m gonna take this part. I think I remember what
happened last time. This part felt really good and then we added it to this
part and it felt really bad. ‘Cause the other one’s like
really sticky and gross. This is really bad. (laughing) I can’t even get it out, okay. Let’s just try to get this out. This is giving me anxiety, oh my gosh. (quiet scream) Oh no, yeah, the floam is not good. It’s very sticky. (smacking) Very, very sticky, okay. So, I guess this is a mixing slime. I think it said on the package that you’re supposed to mix
and mash them or whatever. So, let’s just put this all together and see it turns into. Okay, yeah, it does look like a galaxy. Okay, okay, expectations. Gettin’ a little higher,
just on looks though, because this still is awful
as far as stickiness goes. (laughing) We’re gonna try and save this. It looks really pretty, but,
it’s very, very sticky, so. Okay, so, we just added some baking soda and saline solution and
hopefully, that can save this guy. It’s coming off of my hand,
so that’s a good sign. So, yeah, that definitely fixed it up. So, if you don’t have any
activator in your home. Don’t recommend buying this
because you will never escape. You’re trapped, you can’t leave. (laughing) I would give this a three
out of 10 before activation. After activation, it’s
definitely a lot better. It still stretches, so that’s good and it does look like a galaxy, like the package said it would and the fluffy slime
didn’t get all messed up. It actually feels kinda nice. Look at that. That’s super cute. That actually looks really cool. (laughing) So, slime swirl on point. (crackling) The bubbles are pretty good. The clicks aren’t great. The little pokey sounds. But everything else is fine as long as you activate it before playing with it. After activation, I would
say like, seven or eight out of 10 slime swirls. Next slime, Galaxy Slime Super Slime, it’s the same girl from the, from this one, so it’s
probably the same brand. So, expectations are low, but, (laughing) There is holo glitter in it. Plus one point, just
for being holographic. This one was five dollars and 88 cents. So, it does look kind of galaxy. So, that’s pretty good. Yup, it’s definitely another gooey slime. So, there’s like a little
piece of plastic in there. I guess I should take that out. Yeah, there we go. Now, we got this little mess right here. So, yeah, that definitely does
look like a galaxy, I guess? Here, let’s get some pink in here. Galaxy’s have pink in them. Gotta mix in that pink. So this is our little
galaxy of holo glitter and beautiful-ness. It’s definitely a jiggly slime. It feels a lot like the ice cream one. But there aren’t any of
this chocolate chip things. So, it honestly feels a lot better. It’s not leaving any residue. I really like it,
honestly, it’s pretty good. I would give this a seven
out of 10 slime swirls. (sploshing) It’s pretty great. And it has holo glitter. Eight out of 10.
(laughing) ‘Cause of the holo glitter. (intense slapping) (laughing) Next, let’s do this
Glitzy Squishy Like Slime by the same people who
made the Galaxy Slime and the Neon Slime. Honestly, these kinda look the same. But this one does have
glitter on the bottom and this was four dollars and 88 cents. Actually, I think this is
probably gonna be worth it if it turned out to be good because this little one was four dollars and for 88 more cents, you get, like, five times more slime. ♪ Ah ♪ Ooh, ooh, that feels nice actually. So far, so good. Oh this is satisfying. See, oh, there’s one
little bug glitter, look. It’s just one random purple one. This actually feels pretty good. (splat) That’s pretty good. Here, let’s see if we
could put a bubble on top. (thump) We did it, whoa! Look at, we did it! Oh my gosh! Oh, this is actually really good. It has the clicks, it’s really pretty. There’s a lot of glitter in it. Honestly worth it, but here I’ll see. We gotta do all the tests. Let’s see the poke test first, ready? (clicking) It’s alright, it’s decent. (slurping) Those ones were better. (laughing) (gasping) That was a good one. Okay, there was a hole in
it but that was my fault. This would be a really pretty slime swirl. Yes, we did it, we did it! (laughing) (crackling) Pretty good! And you get a lot of it for a good price and it looks really pretty so I’m gonna have to give this one a 10 out of 10 slime swirls. Pretty good! Honestly, winner! The final slime. (banging) This is three pound of Nickelodeon Slime, there’s three colors. This was nine dollars and 97 cents. Let’s see, let’s do one color at a time and then we can mix them. So, I got a little bit of green, it feels pretty good. (sploshing) (gasping) (sploshing) Oh, this is so good! Oh my gosh! Okay. Aw, it’s not very stretchy, dang it! (scream)
Oh my gosh! Whoa, that’s so much. Look at that! It’s my little green blob friend. It looks like a Jolly Rancher, kind of. Oh my gosh. So, the slime is actually pretty good. Stretchier than the jiggly slimes. I feel like this would be
a good slime swirl slime. That looks like candy. Oh my gosh, look at that! It looks so cool. (crackling) (gasping) That was so good! (smack) That’s a good one! Oh my gosh, ready? (laughing) We know it’s good for
slime swirls and bubbles. (clicking) It’s pretty good at clicks. This one’s got like bubbles in it now. But while it was in the jar, we saw it had pretty good clicks. The only thing it’s not
great at is stretching, so. Let’s pull out its siblings. Orange. We got some, whoa, that’s like neon. Okay, so this is the orange,
that looks like a highlighter, Like a highlighter just melted and this is what it turned into. I’m not gonna go through all the tests ’cause I assume they’re
probably the same, so, let’s get out the blue
now, so there’s some a chunk of blue, another
chunk of blue, blue, okay. The blue, I think, is
more opaque than the green and the orange actually. So that’s interesting. They’re all really pretty,
so, I think we should make a swirl with all of them together. So, let’s see if we can pull this off. Let’s make, like, a little
burrito with all of them. Okay, okay, okay, you can
do it, you can do it guys, and then you roll it together like that. Oh my gosh, it’s so heavy. (laughing) (screaming) Oh my gosh! It’s on the carpet but I can’t stop. Not now! Oh my gosh, okay, one more,
one more fold, I can do it! Oh my gosh. (laughing) That was stressful! We’re fine. (laughing) So, that’s what the slime
swirl turned out to be. The orange is kind of hidden but I think it looks really pretty. So, let’s do the crunch test. (crackling) Aw, that was kinda disappointing. (laughing) I didn’t fold it as many times because I was struggling. (laughing) But, oh wait, let’s rip it out right. You can see, like, all the layers. That’s so cool. Wow! Oh my gosh, okay, so,
that one was pretty good. It’s not super stretchy and I feel like that is a main component in
the slime-e-ness of slime. So, it’s gonna be off a few points, but because we got so much slime and because it makes great bubbles and pretty good slime swirls. I’m gonna say this gets like an eight out of 10 slime swirls. So, that’s pretty good. Oh, it turned out really
pretty in the end too. It’s like a teal color, the
orange didn’t totally ruin it. (laughing) We’ll just put this guy back in here and he’ll figure himself out. (laughing) So, I think this was winner number one and this was winner number two. I think this one got a nine out of 10 and then this one got a 10 out of 10. So, if you’re looking to
buy some Walmart slime, these are my top two
recommended slime picks. Comment down below if you’ve
tried any of these slimes. Do you like jiggly slime or
they need to be more stretchy. Comment down below, all your
thoughts on store bought slime. Don’t forget to subscribe to see loads more videos like this one. We have tons of slime
videos, so if you wanna watch those, they’re everywhere, trust me. (laughing) And until next time, bye! (energetic music)