Hey Chris, what are you looking at?>>Hey Katherine, checking out
this fantastic snow report app. I think it’s time to
head to the mountains.>>Cool.
>>What are you up to?>>Well, I’m heading to New York, so I just want to check that
my flight is on time.>>Nice. Joe, what’s going on over there?>>I’m just catching up on the latest
celebrity tirade on Twitter.>>[LAUGH] Nice. How about you, Jessica?>>I’m still playing with
the Miwok app we made. But there’s one thing that’s
bugging me about it though.>>What’s that?>>Well with all the apps you’re using, they all retrieve data
from the Internet. But with the Miwok app we had to
know all the words ahead of time.>>That’s true.>>Yeah,
what if we want to create an app that displayed data about information
we can’t know ahead of time? So things like the weather, or-
>>[SOUND] My gosh. What was that? It’s an earthquake, get down.>>[SOUND] No, my latte.>>Earthquake tweet.>>Joe,
how can you be tweeting right now? The ground is literally moving.>>It’s okay, just breath Chris. Sometimes this happens in California. Wait, I think it just stopped. [BLANK_AUDIO]>>Whoa, I am definitely going
to need another cup of coffee.>>Are you okay, Chris?>>I think that was my first earthquake. How strong do you think that was?>>That was pretty strong. Let me check. Actually, this could make
a really good app idea.>>Yeah, what would it do?>>Well it could show you like
the recent earthquakes in the world, like this one.>>Yeah, and you could use it to make a more informed
decision about where you want to live.>>Yeah, I guess so. But seriously, if we were
going to build an app like this, well we would need the earthquake data. But then how would we
get it onto the phone?>>You know,
I think Joe could help us out with this. He seems to know a thing or
two about networking.>>Yeah, totally. We can pull data into an app
just like we browse the web.>>Yeah.>>Cool. In this next course, you’re going to
be building an earthquake app. I’m going to let Chris and
Joe guide you along the way.>>Sounds a like of fun Joe. Let’s get started.>>Building an earthquake app, #ohyeah.