Turn a few flower pots into this attractive
terra cotta fountain that’s simple to make. Stay right here and we’ll show you how. This fountain lets you enjoy the sound of
trickling water, and is great on either a table top, or in a corner of your garden. Let’s take a look at what you’ll need. A fourteen inch terra cotta saucer. A seven inch saucer. A six inch saucer. Three four inch saucers. A six inch flower pot and a four inch flower
pot. You’ll also need a fountain pump, plastic
tubing to fit the pump’s outlet, silicone sealer, clear spray sealer, a round file,
and a drill with a three eighths inch masonry bit. Start by spraying the inside of the fourteen
inch saucer with clear spray. Let it dry, and give it an additional coat
or two to make it water proof. While that’s drying, take the remaining saucers
and flower pots, and soak them in water for at least an hour. That will make it easier to drill holes and
file notches in them. Place the seven inch saucer over a piece of
wood for support, and drill a hole through the center using the masonry bit. Use the file if needed to
enlarge the hole so the plastic tubing fits through. File four notches in the lip of the six inch
flower pot. Make sure one of the notches is large enough
for the power cord of the pump to fit through. Also file four notches in one of the four
inch saucers. Take the seven inch saucer and file a notch
in the lip. If you file at a slight downward angle it
will work better as a spout for the water. Attach the plastic tubing to the pump’s outlet. If it’s difficult to slide on, warm the tubing
in hot water to soften it. Turn the six inch pot upside down and slide
the tubing through. Set the seven inch saucer on top so the tubing
also goes through the hole, and adjust the tube so the pump sits flat on the bottom. Then trim the end of the tube leaving about
a half inch extra. Seal the end of the tube with the silicone
sealant, and let it dry. Take the four inch saucer with four notches,
and place it over the tubing. Turn the four inch flower pot upside down,
and place it next to the first column. Notch the six inch saucer, and place it on
top. Take a four inch saucer, turn it upside down
and place it next to the second column. Notch the last four inch saucer and place
it on top. Fill the base with water until it almost reaches
the rim. Plug the pump into a ground fault protected
outlet, and adjust the flower pots and flow of the pump as needed. Finish your terra cotta fountain with decorative
rocks, gravel, potted plants, or anything else you would like to add. Remember to add additional water from time
to time as needed. Find everything you need for this project
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