[music playing] After a nationwide search– This is my home
in New York City. Milton, Georgia. Boerne, Texas, –to find the best young
home cooks in America. [inaudible] Bon apetit. This looks divine. Three of the biggest
names in the culinary world welcome to next generation
of culinary giants into the MasterChef kitchen. This is the world’s biggest
cooking competition– I got one! –featuring the
world’s smallest– I got it. –home cooks. Big. Big. I’m gonna need help. From the big top. Our performers are arriving. Service! To the great outdoors. Guys, look at the campers! We need chicken! They’ll face the toughest. This is a two star
[inaudible] service. Scariest. [screaming] We’re just kids. Messiest. [screaming] Most outrageous. Oh, my god. Cupcakes. Challenges of
their young lives. Christina. Look at her hair. Gordon. How’d your outfit
stretch out that much? And for those who
make the grade– You’re going
places, my friend. You did that all on your own. All on my own. Wow. Where are these
ideas coming from? You’re only eight. Usually my mind. [laughter] Victory will be sweet. This is the best day ever. But in the end, only
one will win $100,000 and claim the title
of MasterChef Junior.