You ever wonder what goes on in the
teachers lounge? No? I hate them all… They’re just so teachery… Like all the time You’d think they’d have to let off some steam during there lunch break or something. Oh please, they’re only teachery because they’re teachers. They’re the most boring people in
the world and I hate them. I don’t know man… I don’t know. UGH! If only there was a big desperate gym
teacher who would help me brew some coffee. *WHISTLE BLOWS* Who the fuck took my potato salad? Oops The microwave is for full-time faculty only Oh! I’m sorry! It’s just that when I
substitute at other schools… Shhh We’re not other schools. Principal Thompson I’ve decided for this
year’s musical we’re putting on a production of… CATS! Really? I fucking love cats You gonna pick that up? *Cough Cough* I have some hot coffee… with cream, right here. Thank you so much Mr. Weiner. I just needed something to wake me up AHHHH!!!!! holy shit Told ya dude.