♪ ♪ [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] Oh, my God! Well, hello. [ALL CHEERING] So, here we are. We are in
the Lovers’ Lounge which is our
little secret lair attached to our pop-up shop
in New York. Guys, I just want to say first of all, thank you
to everyone who is here. You were each selected
from different corners
of the internet and you’ve kept this
very secret so far
which is really wonderful. Thank you to everyone
who is watching
from all around the world. That is incredible.
I really appreciate it. This is so exciting for me because it’s so rare
to get to experience the evening of
an album release
with you guys. Because that’s my dream. That is how I want
to spend it. Live, the release of
a brand-new music video
and the release of an album. We have so much
to talk about. We have so much. There is a lot of
information to share. I mean,
obviously the albumLoverwill be released
tonight at midnight. (ALL CHEERING) Still a lot of emotions
about that. But between now and then I’m going to be releasing
the “Lover” music video later and telling you all
kinds of stuff about it and giving you
behind the scenes information
about it. The albumLoveris something
that I’m so proud of because it really feels
like such a special album because it’s a natural
continuation of a story
of my life and the way the events
in my life have unfolded. My last album,Reputation,
I really looked at that album
as sort of… I always do visuals
and aesthetics in my mind of what an album represents.Reputationfor me was like
a cityscape, nighttime,
darkness… [GROWLS]
Like full swamp witch. Like, just… You know? [ALL LAUGHING] But with this album… This album to me
felt aesthetically and from an
energetic perspective like very daytime,
very sunlit fields I mean, we’ve got
clusters of pink balloons. I’m sitting on, like,
Dr. Seuss-fuzzy… It’s great. I really just pictured this
and wrote music From a perspective
of, like, a much more open… …just free, romantic,
whimsical place And I’m so happy to share that
with you soon. They are 18 songs
on this album. That is more than I’ve ever
put on any album. [CHEERING] The album… The album
packaging is more exciting,
I think, this time than anything
we have done before. I really think that
in the 13th year… I don’t know if you know this,
I have a thing with 13. Does anyone…
A little-known fact about me. No one knows it. I’m not
obnoxious about it at all. But in the 13th year
of my career I really wanted to do
something exciting and
retrospective and nostalgic. And what more nostalgia
could you possibly hope for than digging up
your old journals? [LAUGHS] [EXCLAIMING] We have a lot
of that to talk about. I want to get into that, But first I want to say
thank you to YouTube. This is so cool that
you are doing this for us. Thank you so much! [APPLAUSE] Getting to do this… I did some Q&A stuff
with YouTube leading up to the release
of the “Me” music video. And I has so much fun
doing that. And when they came to me
with this idea it felt like such a cool way
to get to spend the album
release eve together. So I’m so grateful. I can’t thank you guys enough. Everyone at YouTube
and everyone
who designed this set, did this for us,
and you guys for traveling from
all over the country,
all over the world, and you guys watching.
This is really… I’m very excited.
Thank you very much. So, I wanted to show
you guys some things because we have
a lot to talk about so I will just
get right into it. We have some,
like, Q&A stuff later, we have
a live performance later, We have
a special guest later. There is…so much. So I wanted to tell you a little bit about the
deluxe edition of this album. I went through
my old diaries which was a wild trip
down memory lane, let me just tell you. I found so many diary entries that I thoughts
may be relevant
to your interests. I started writing in diaries
when I was 13. So these are the…
I picked it up with one hand. These are the four deluxe
editions of this album And each one contains thirty pages
of my diary entries
from my life. Because metaphorically
I have been sharing
my diaries with you for years so I figured why not
just do it for real? And just take
the symbolism out of it, not make it
a metaphor anymore.
Just do it. I was thinking maybe
I would read you some of them. [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] One second.
Let me just… They are from all different
ages in my life. We will start with
August 25th, 2003, 13 years of age. [AUDIENCE EXCLAIMS] Like… This one says, [CLEARS THROAT] “I think I might just
live through this year. “I just hope
I can keep up. “My locker is 117
and my combination is 35-9-27. “I love being older! “I think my teacher
is going to give me
a spotlight solo in Chorus. “This year could be fun. “I don’t care
what people think
of me now “because I won’t let
them bring me down.” [CHEERING] Aww. Thirteen. So innocent. This is the next one. This is age 19.
March 17th, 2009. “I somehow feel like
it’s my destiny “to roll my eyes
at happy couples “and resent Valentine’s Day. “I also feel like I’m the girl
before ‘The One,’ “I’m not ‘The One’. “I’m the girl you think
is the one for you “And when it doesn’t
work out with me, you meet the next girl
and realize she is ‘The One’. “The one
you’re gonna stay with. “I might get married, “but I think it’s ultimately
my fate to light candles
and pine away “and roll my eyes
at happy couples
and resent Valentine’s Day.” [APPLAUSE] There we are.
That’s not embarrassing… at all. The next one is… The 13-year-old ones
are pretty golden. Pretty easy to share. October 5th, 2003. “Why I’m missing Pennsylvania.” Thirteen years of age. “Hey. I really have decided “that school is
a big disappointment. “It’s only cool
when you are popular.
I’m not. “It’s cool when
you have a boyfriend. “It’s cool when
everybody likes you, “I don’t have that. “But my extracurricular life
is what really matters to me. “I guess I’m just
not good enough
for people my own age. “Or maybe I’m not
bad enough? “Peace sign.” [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] Okay, all right. Okay. So, this one… This one is
a really important moment
in my life. October 30th, 2011,
age 21. “Tonight we played in Memphis. “I’ve had a chest infection
for the last few days “so singing has been so hard. “Last night my voice
kept quitting on me, “going all raspy
or not being able
to reach the high notes. “I almost cancelled
tonight’s show
but I made it through. “I went into
a few coughing fits tonight “but I sounded better
than last night. “We’ve already played
three shows in Nashville, “Knoxville, Louisville,
Lexington… “We only have nine shows
left on this tour “and I’m ready for a break. “I’ve written two songs
in the last few days. “I want to record them so bad “but my voice is shot
from being so run down. “I’m just so glad
I have a few days off. “Okay, two. “Guess what I’m doing tomorrow? “Getting a kitten! [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] “I wanted a cat
for so long “and I’m finally
doing it. “I love Scottish folds. “I look up internet videos
of them. “They are so cute
and they love humans. “I’m going to get
this little kitten
tomorrow morning. “I’m naming her Meredith. [CHEERING] “Meredith Grey
because she is grey.” That is my daughter. Um, so, yeah.
That was… Those are just some. I wanted to save
some of the ones That I really think that
you should read yourself… for when you
read them yourself. But I thought it be cool
to open up some questions that fans have asked. We asked people on YouTube
to ask questions… Send in questions. So the first question
is from Snoop. Thank you, Snoop,
for asking a question. “What do you like
drawing the most?”
is the question. Let me tell you. Stars, hearts, cats… That is my repertoire
pretty much. Flowers sometimes. There’s a lot
of doodles in these That I really think
must be seen… for many reasons. I will leave you to decide
which of my drawings that are very basic
are your favorite. Question number two is, “Which song
is closest
to your heart?” This is kind of an album where every song
is really, really
close to my heart. There are so many
that you haven’t heard yet that I’m so excited
for you to hear. There is one called
“Cornelia Street” that I love that’s like…
[GROANS] Just like… There are so many things
on this album that I want you to hear
and it’s really hard
to pick a favorite but just… You know. They are all
close to my heart.
It’s calledLover.It’s like
a heart-shaped album. “If Lover… Oh! This is an
amazing question! “IfLover,the album,
was aCatscharacter, “which one would it be?”
From Kurt. Whoa! Okay, so I… I can’t really do this
without a process of, like… The first album would
be Victoria,
the little White Cat. The second…
would probably
be Jemima.Speak Nowwould be
Gus the Theater Cat because that was
a really theater-inspired album.Redwould be Bombalurina. [APPLAUSE]1989would be
the magical
Mr. Mistoffelees. He has a lot of powers
but he doesn’t know
how to control them.Reputation
would be Grizabella. And this one
would be Munkustrap. Thank you for these questions. I really… I enjoyed
that question more
than anyone else. So we can move on
to the next one. “What advice would you give
to an aspiring
singer-songwriter?” Wow. Hmm. [LAUGHTER] It’s…a live show. “What advice would you give
to an aspiring
singer-songwriter?” From Kira. I would say… try your best
to own your own work. It’s something that
nobody told me about
early on. [CHEERING] And also,
if at all possible, start writing your own songs. Be involved
in the creative process because when you are
a writer of your own songs you own those songs,
you control like… For the rest of your life. If a movie wants
to use your song, if you are the writer you’re the one
who can say yes
or no to that. Being a writer gives you
more of a control
of your own legacy. It’s also really fun
to write songs and I really suggest it
to anyone who wants
to be a singer. Try your hand at writing. Sit down with
an instrument and
see if you take to it and if not, keep trying Because I really want
you guys to be able
to tell your own stories. I found it really
helps me. It’s one
of the most cathartic, healing, therapeutic things
I’ve ever done. I wish that
for all of you. And one of the reasons
I wanted to do the journals as a part
of this album release is if you wanted to write
in those journals and write your feelings
and thoughts down. It was something that
was helpful for me. I just… I thought
I would say that. “What song
was the hardest to write?”
Elizabeth S. asked. There is a song called
“Soon You’ll Get Better”
on this album That was really hard to write and it was also a family
decision whether to
put it on the album. I think songs like that,
that are really hard for you
to write emotionally may be hard to write and sing
because they are really true. We as a family decided
to put this on the album And it’s something
I’m so proud of but it’s like
really hard. I still can’t sing it. It’s hard to just emotionally
deal with that song. You will understand
what I mean
in a couple of hours. Question, “How do you
decide album titles?” Kimberley O. asked. Thank you for asking this. I decide an album title based on something that I feel
has a nice ring to it and has a theme. I basically like to
plan an album like I’m planning some type
of prom or something. I like to think of, like, how the shows
are going to look and how the album
imagery will look
and the colors involved. It’s very mood board,
how I go about… I write the music and
then I really try to think of what is the title that would
best describe this? The only time I’ve ever
started with a title was
That was the first thing I knew,
that the album was going
to be calledReputationSo I wrote the songs
around the title. But with this album
I thought it was going
to be calledDaylight.And then
I wrote “Lover” and I was like,
“That’s the title!” ‘Cause the album
started to organize itself in a way that made sense
that that song would be the flagship song
of this album. It’s a really
romantic album, but it’s also an album
that celebrates love in all of its complexity,
not just flowers and sunshine. It’s really an exploration
of like, the patchwork quilt
of emotions that go into
any sort of love
that you feel. Guys, something very exciting
is about to happen. We have
a special guest with us. I am so lucky that
this person is here. We are all so lucky
that she is here because she is one
of the most inspiring
people in the world. Using her powers for good and setting such an example
environmentally. She is honestly
one of my favorite humans
in the world and one of my
favorite designers. I’m so happy
she is here. This is so incredible. The designer of the
line of clothing we have coming out
this week, Stella McCartney is here.
Make some noise! [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] ♪ You need to calm down
You’re being too loud ♪ Hey! Hi, guys! I was like, “Nobody is going
to know who I am.”
That’s such a good build up. You all act like
you do know who I am. Thank you
for having me. They definitely do. Thank you for being
here with us
in New York. I’m thrilled to be here. Well, you have
designed an amazing line that is… So many things
I want to talk about but I… [MUSIC STARTS AND STOPS] We had some music
start to play… STELLA: Let’s do that again. …but, you know. I was wanting to ask you what inspired you
to make this line and…I want
to hear from you. Well, you! You came over
and you played some
of the album to me. I got a sneak preview. I was told that
if I told anyone about it
I would be killed. So I kept it to myself. I didn’t say it.
I just implied it
with my face. It was the look. No, she’s name-checked
in a song called “London Boy.” So I wanted to play her
the whole song before
the album came out and let her know and see
if you were okay with it. And it turns out
you were really
okay with it. Oh, my God. She was like,
“Let’s do something.
This is so inspiring.” And she was like, “I’ve always
wanted to do a merch line
for a band or an artist.” Obviously, I was inspired
by you and the songs And the titleLover
couldn’t be more inspiring and that is why
we are all here because our parents had
some lover experience. [LAUGHTER] And you had such a specific… [LAUGHTER] You had such a specific… Stop now. Get it out
of your head. It’s not something
you want to visualize. You had such a specific
kind of mood board and it really reminded me
of being a kid on the road
with my family who also share
a similar industry to yours. The summer of love and all these colors
and airbrushing and stuff. And also, the song titles
as well were really inspiring. So we did this whole
merch-y, tour-y visual. But with your standards
in place. Stella is very eco-friendly. I was wondering
if you could tell us
about that and how important
that is to you. The first thing I said
when I was excited
to do it was, “Can I do it
in the same way
that matches my ethics?” I was really,
really adamant that we had to have
an environmental point of view. I’m so proud that
we managed to do it. This is stuff that
all of you guys can get and have access to,
which I’m so happy about. But at the same time,
all the jerseys
are organic cotton. It’s really super eco… So the message
is not only one of love but being a real
conscious consumer which I really think
is important to us and,
hopefully, to all you guys. Thank you so much for that
and everything you do! [APPLAUSE] We were wondering
if you guys wanted to go… If you wanted us
to show you the line. Would you want that? AUDIENCE: Yes! We are going to
take the cameras on a tour
of the pop-up shop and show you guys
afterward. Don’t even think
we’re not gonna do that. We are going to go
on a little adventure
and we will be right back. We’ve been working for
the last couple of months, and this is the first chance
we’ve got to show you
and get your feedback. How do you feel
about sequins? How do I feel
about sequins? Well, you obviously like… What a wild thing to ask. …the most stupid question. When it came time for me
to write this album, I name-checked you
in one of the lyrics. …the thought of that. It’s so sick. I’m so excited. It’s so amazing. …themes is really
pulling out the lyrics
and isolating them and giving them
some weight, if you like. It’s nice that
we thought to do that. And not just the obvious ones, like the third line
of the second verse. ‘Cause they have meaning
beyond the moment, those lyrics. That will live on beyond
this collaboration. That is what will
stay with people. What I really want
at the end
of this collaboration is for people
to keep it forever, really cherish and feel it.
To feel what we’ve done. I think that
is really important. Completely. [PRETEND SOBBING] Here we are in the
StellaxTaylorSwift pop-up shop in New York City. You are holding
what, I think,
is your favorite… I am stealing,
essentially. I’m holding it
with the intent to steal it. My favorite part
of the collaboration, StellaxTaylorSwift water bottle. Because for me
they are the coolest
accessory to have. We are going to try to get
less plastic on our planet And this guy is
with you forever. It’s a good water bottle. This was the first thing
she said, “We have
to do water bottles!” I was like,
“Yeah, absolutely.” I’m taking that
for one of my many children. You can have that
for your many children. Here we have
these shirts. Tell us about your
inspiration behind these because I love
where you were
coming from. These, it’s funny. I am
a Summer of Love child and I wanted to reference,
like, tour t-shirts obviously because you are
a rock chick And I wanted to show
everything about the album
that I love. All of your coloration,
all of the inspiration and mood boards
that you brought, it was so clear. It was kind
of a no-brainer. These airbrush pieces
remind me
of my childhood actually. It’s really cool.
It has a lot of whimsy to it. One of my favorite things
to do with your clothes… It’s romantic, it’s playful,
it’s whimsical, it’s cheeky. And you know what’s amazing
about these? These are
the first merch pieces… I don’t know if you’ve
ever done but certainly
that I’ve ever done that are completely
organic cotton which I’m so proud of. It’s amazing. I love
that you stand for that and I love that even
when you are
making bags and shoes it’s all vegan and everything you do
is so aboveboard and setting such
a good example. And you can’t
tell the difference. We have not scrimped
on this collaboration. There is so much
embroidery and… We have this
section over here with this bomber jacket
that I love. I also selfishly just
love my young son. Oh, we had to
definitely put this
little boy on a hoodie. My newest.
Look at him. One of the things
we wanted to do
when we met was to make it
really genderless. For me that’s boys, girls, men, women,
everyone should be able
to have a part of it. And wear it every day. In the pop-up shop
we wanted to make it fun for people to walk through
and see different things. So that’s an outfit
from the “Lover” music video that has not
come out yet. Behind us here
is an outfit I wore on a show called
Wango Tango
and I wore your shoes
as like an Easter egg to let the fans know
there might be
something coming. You told me the shoes
inspired the outfit which
made me incredibly proud. We custom-made
the outfit based on the shoe. This should
happen every day. They say start
with the shoe and
work your way up. It’s a good lesson.
Moral of the story. The great thing
about the bomber as well, this is 100%
sustainable rayon. So that’s unheard of. Rayon is from trees. They cut down trees
and this is friendly forest. So I’m really
proud of that. That’s amazing. We’ve got…over here,
I think… I think I’m in love
with this one. We pixilated you
but made you back up
with hearts. I love it. Because it’s all about love. It’s so cool. I think the colors
are so gentle and they make
you feel good. The coloration,
the pallet of
the collection is a feel-good coloration. Ooh, I’m going
to come back because this is also
one that I like. I love the marble
tie-dye. We don’t know if you
are doing a tour or not yet, I wanted to make it look
like a tour t-shirt. So these are the
titles of the songs. That’s clever.
She is a clever lady. We are going to go back
and rejoin everyone. And I’ve got
my water bottle. She is going
to take that.
She is allowed to. I might take some more. Thank you so much
for coming and
doing this for us. Almost every single thing
in this line is under $100 and that’s so exciting
for us. And thank you
for everything you do and the example you set. Thank you
for having me, babe. I’m so happy
to be part of it. I’ve loved every minute. It’s been
a happy moment! TAYLOR:
Thank you so much. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ So we just wrapped
the album cover shoot and Valeria
just killed it. The whole team killed it. Everyone did
such a great job. And, yeah, we are
going to go pick photos and look through them and try to come up
with an album cover pretty soon. [APPLAUSE] ♪ ♪ ♪♪ Combat♪ I’m ready for combat♪ I say I don’t want that♪ But what if I do♪ ‘Cause cruelty
wins in the movies
♪ I’ve got a hundred
thrown-out speeches
I almost said to you
♪ Easy that come
Easy that go
♪ I jump from the train♪ I ride off alone♪ I never grew up♪ It’s getting so old♪ Help me
hold onto you
♪ I’ve been the archer♪ I’ve been the prey♪ Who could ever
leave me, darling?
♪ Who could stay?♪ Dark side♪ I search
for your dark side
♪ What if I’m all right,
right, right, right here?
♪ I cut off my nose
just to spite my face
♪ Then I hate my reflection
for years and years
♪ I wake in the night
I pace like a ghost
♪ The room is on fire
Invisible smoke
♪ And all of my heroes
die all alone
♪ Help me hold onto you♪ I’ve been the archer♪ I’ve been the prey♪ Screaming who could
ever leave me, darling?
♪ But who could stay?♪ ‘Cause they see
right through me
♪ They see right through me♪ They see right through♪ Can you see
right through me?
♪ They see right through♪ They see right through me♪ I see right through me♪ I see right through me♪ All the king’s horses
All the king’s men
♪ Couldn’t put me
together again
♪ All of my enemies
started out friends
♪ Help me
hold on to you
♪ I’ve been the archer♪ I’ve been the prey♪ Who could ever
leave me, darling?
♪ Who could stay?♪ Who could stay?♪ Who could stay?♪ Who could stay?♪ Who could stay?♪ You could stay♪ You♪ Combat♪ I’m ready for combat ♪♪ [APPLAUSE] TAYLOR: Give it up
for my incredible band. They’re so amazing. It’s about to be
time to play the brand-new
“Lover” music video. I got to tell you some stuff
about it quick ’cause
it’s almost five o’clock. It’s almost about
to happen. [SIGHS] In order to see the video you gotta go
to a different page. YouTube will direct you. It will be the one that looks
like it’s “Lover” music video. I don’t know.
Whatever. This is a video I co-directed
with Drew Kirsch who is a young genius who I did
the “Calm Down” video with. He’s absolutely incredible
and we worked together again. The leading man in this video is someone I have performed
on stage with for years. His name is Christian Owens. He was the leading man in the
“King of my Heart” performance every night
on theReputationtour. He is amazing. Every single night
I could see how expressive he is and how heroic and what an
amazing actor he is as well as being
an incredible dancer. I also want to tell you,
he’s an amazing musician. He is going to be
putting out music soon. Every record label
is gonna be fighting over him. So you want to follow
him on instagram. He’s @owensC18. He is your
new best friend, your new favorite artist. Follow him, support him,
love him. He is one of the
most talented people
I’ve ever met. Okay, so, this video
and the “Calm Down” video, Drew Kirsch, the director,
is incredible
with color-blocking and making a video that
is so aesthetically pleasing
from a color standpoint but you can’t figure out why. But his brain works
in magical ways. That was a very vibrant
color-blocked video. With this one we wanted
to go a little bit more muted
in the tones. This entire concept
came from a lyric
I wrote on the1989album in a song called
“You Are In Love.” This is a song I wrote
about two of my best friends who were in love and I saw the relationship
and I thought, “Wow. That is beautiful.
What you have is beautiful.” And there is a line
that I was proud of
in the song that says
“And so it goes “You two are dancing
In a snow globe “Round and round.” So that line inspired
the entire music video concept
for this video. So I really hope
you love it. It’s a concept
I’m so proud of. I love my collaborators
on this and I’m so, so happy that this video is coming out
literally like so soon. In a matter of seconds. I have to thank
YouTube again. Thank you for having us.
Thank you for putting
this on for us. Getting to celebrate
this album release with my fans here
and on YouTube
Is so exciting. I can’t wait for everyone
to hear the album. Thank you guys for being here,
for traveling to be here And just watch the video. Click the link below. You are amazing.
Thank you for everything you do. Thank you
for watching this even if you are curious
and you’re like, “I wonder what
this will be like.”
Thank you for doing that. I hope you guys have
a really great evening. That’s it.
That’s our show. Thank you so much, guys. [ALL CHEERING] You guys are amazing! [CHEERING] ♪ ♪