We asked people
on YouTube to ask questions, send in questions. So, the first question
is from Snoop. Thank you, Snoop,
for asking a question.
What do I like… “What do you like
drawing the most?”
is the question… Let me tell you. -Stars… [laughs]
-[audience laughs] hearts, cats, um… that is my repertoire,
pretty much. Um… Flowers sometimes. There is a lot of doodles
in these that I really,
really think must be seen
for many reasons. I will leave you to decide which of my drawings
that are very basic
are your favorite. Um, so… Question number two is “Which song is closest
to your heart?” This is kind of an album
where every song on it is really, really close
to my heart. There are so many
that you haven’t heard yet that I’m so excited
for you to hear. There is one called
“Cornelia Street”
that I love, um, that’s just, like…
[scoffs] There are so many things
on this album that I want you to hear And it’s really hard
to pick a favorite. They are all
close to my heart.
It’s calledLover.It’s a heart-shaped album. Um, ifLover…Ooh, this is
an amazing question! “IfLoverthe album
was a cats Character,
which one would it be?” From Kurt. Whoa! Okay, so,
I can’t really do this
without a process of, like, okay, the first album
would be Victoria
the little white cat.Fearless
would be Jemima.Speak Nowwould be
Gus the theater cat, because that was
a theater-inspired album.-Redwould be
-[cheering, applause]1989would be
the Magical
Mister Mistoffelees. He has a lot of powers
but he doesn’t know
how to control them.Reputation
would be Grizabella And this one would be
Munkustrap. Thank you
for these questions. I enjoyed that question
more than anyone else. So we can move
onto the next one. “What advice would you give
to an aspiring singer
and songwriter?” Wow…
[mumbles incoherently] It’s a live show. “What advice would you give
to an aspiring singer,
songwriter?” From Keira. I would say, try your best
to own your own work. It’s something that nobody
told me about early on. [cheering, applause] And also,
if at all possible, start writing your own songs. Be involved
in the creative process because when you are
a writer of your own songs you own those songs
and you control like…
for the rest of your life. If a movie
wants to use your song, if you are the writer,
you’re the one who can say
yes or no to that. So, being a writer
gives you more of a control
of your own legacy. It’s also really fun
to write songs and I really suggest it
to anyone
who wants to be a singer. Try your hand at writing.
Sit down with an instrument
and see if you take to it and if not keep trying because I really want
you guys to be able
to tell your own stories. I found it really helps me. It’s one of
the most cathartic, healing, therapeutic things
I’ve ever done. I wish that for all of you. And one of the reasons
I wanted to do the journals as a part
of this album release is if you wanted
to write in those journals and write your feelings
and thoughts down. If it’s something
that was helpful for me.
So, you know, I just… I thought I’d say that. “What song was
the hardest to write?”
Elizabeth S. asked. There is a song called
“Soon You’ll Get Better”
that was really hard to write and also a family decision
whether to even put it
on the album. And… I think songs like that
that are really hard for you
to write, emotionally, maybe they’re really hard
to write and hard to sing
because they’re really true. We as a family decided
to put this on the album, and it’s something
I’m so proud of,
but it’s, like, really hard. I can’t sing it. It’s hard to just emotionally
deal with that song. You’ll understand what I mean
in a couple of hours. Question. “How do you
decide album titles?” Kimberly O. asked.
Thank you for asking this. So I decide an album title
based on something
that I feel, like has a nice ring to it
and has a theme. I basically like
to plan an album like I’m planning
some type of prom
or something. I like to think of, like,
how the shows
are going to look and how the album
imagery’s gonna look and the colors
involved with it. It’s very mood board,
how I go about… I write the music
and then I really try
to think of, like, “What is the title
that would best
describe this?” The only time
I’ve ever started with a title
wasReputation.That was the first thing
I knew that the album was going
to be calledReputationso I wrote songs
around the title, but with this album,
I actually thought
that the title was going to be “Daylight”
for a few months. And then I wroteLover
and I was like,
“That’s the title!” The album started
to organize itself in a way that made sense
that that song would be the flagship song
of this album. It’s a really
romantic album, But also an album
that celebrates love
in all of its complexity, not just flowers and sunshine. It’s really an exploration of,
like, the kind of
patchwork quilt of emotions that go into any sort of love
that you feel.