>>My name is Patrick Thomas, I work at Tattoo Lounge. The shop’s been here for about 26 years. We draw a little pictures on people here that don’t wash off. Yes, since the road diet we’ve noticed almost an immediate drop-off in business. Not as many walk-ins, we don’t have
as many phone calls. It’s been something my boss and owner of the shop have noticed a lot more than anything is a reduction in numbers that
way. Yeah, I was never given any kind of warning on lane reduction, the only thing
I had heard about was possible crosswalks. There was a couple of people
who were going by and they stopped in and asked what I thought about “How I
felt if there would be crosswalks put in, in the middle of the streets in the
middle of the blocks?” Since those got put in I’ve seen people jaywalking in between the two lights anyways, it seems freakin pointless, I don’t know. The only thing that was beneficial was the left-hand turn arrows that were put in
on Grandview and Venice here. A lot of us book our own appointments, and we’ve talked to our clients and our clients have talked about how they’re not even
coming down the street to stop in to make appointments with us anymore
because it’s such a cluster *** out front. Everyone’s wondering, you know why is it
such a mess out front. They can’t find parking. It’s just it’s really made the whole front very restrictive and then the last two car parking spots were
taken away. So now, we’re you know we have issues coming to work and just trying to
find basic parking to be able to commute here. I’ve taken actually riding my bicycle to work which is almost scarier the right of my motorcycle to work. Because the lines were so in and out and I’ve been almost hit multiple times by
people turning almost every night when I go home. Someone’s turning, making a right-hand turn across the park lanes and I’m having to slam on my brakes to avoid
getting t-boned. Traffic and parking are the two worst things I’ve heard about from anybody I ever talked to in LA and you take away a lane, you take away
parking it just makes that worse you know give us anything else to use. I like
Mike Bonin to know listen to the people not the politics. You know the people
keep talking about this you know not being great and it’s being a worse
situation and you know I don’t know what numbers you reading, but we’re in this
every day and we watch it every day and I watch people almost get hit with this
stuff almost every day so listen to listen know what’s your neighborhood.