– Look. “Killer Cafe”.
– Come on. My goodness! Good evening, sir! Welcome to Killer Cafe! – Nice one. You startled us.
– Whew! That got me. By the way, bro… Why did she break up with you? And right before your birthday. Things just didn’t
work out for us, okay? You and Elias
really have it bad. – What about me?
– Ouch! He’s also in love,
but with a ghost. – You mean Emma? You love her?
– No, I don’t. Anyway, let’s go find a table. It’s Emma. Emma. I’m meeting Miss Tatiana here. I’m with my friends. We’re celebrating
the birthday of… Let me. Emma, these are
Johnny and Madrid… – Hi!
– …the birthday boy Elias told us a lot about you. – We’ll find a table.
– Okay. – Really?
– Thank you. No. Excuse me. – Miss Tati is calling me.
– Alright. Enjoy! Emma. Join me. Cheers! I don’t drink Oh my god, Emma!
You’re so young. You should enjoy life
and drink. Come on. Get this. Drink. Drink. Get this and drink. – Drink!
– Go! Cheers for Emma! – Cheers!
– Go, Emma! Go! Drink it. Go, Emma! Drink it!
Come on! – Cheers!
– You can do it! That’s my girl! – Cheers!
– Cheers! Guys… I’ll tell you the secret
to a girl’s heart. Listen to me, okay? Listen to you? Tsoknat’s the only girl
who likes you. – The girl with the mole?
– Yeah. Exactly. No! Over my dead body! Listen.
I have a tip for you guys. Keep your eyes on the girl and wait for her
to look at you. The trick is to
make eye contact with her. They call it Camila’s tears. If you want to experience
how bitter my dearly departed niece was,
then drink up! Just don’t turn into
a killer afterwards, okay? Miss Tati, I feel
a little dizzy. That’s our goal, Emma.
We’re here to get drunk! Miss Tati… Can you tell me about
your ex-boyfriend? The one who was part of
a drug syndicate. Sonny Teng. I heard you had an
interesting love story. You know, Emma, I only share that story
for shock value. But to be honest, he’s a loser! Ever since he was put in jail,
I never talked to him again.