Hello everyone myself Beena and welcome to my channel Tangy kitchen Today we will make delicious snack This is not roti, no paratha ..no cheela. Then what is this ? This is favorite Sindhi cousine dish Which is known as Koki watch texture of it let me break to show it it is soft from inside and crispy from outside it is different method to make and cook Koki you sure try this recipe at home lets start making Koki INGREDIENTS : WHOLE WHEAT FLOUR- 2 CUP ONION CHOPPED- 1 CUP CORIANDER LEAVES- 1/4 CUP CHOPPED OIL AS NEEDED BESAN – 2 TBSP GREEN CHILLY- 3 CHOPPED TURMERIC POWDER- 1/4 TSP AJWAIN- 1 TSP SALT TO TASTE RED CHILLY POWDER- 1/2 TSP POMGRANATE SEEDS – 1 TSP CORIANDER POWDER- 1 TSP JEERA- 1 TSP Take whole wheat flour in a big bowl Add besan you can skip besan if you wish it is optional Add chopped green chilly Add chopped green coriander leaves, which adds good taste Add turmeric powder Add coriander powder Add red chilly powder use less red chilly powder as we have used green chilly Add jeera Add ajwain Add dry pomegranate seed powder you can skip if you don’t have pomegranate seeds You cad add chaat masala, jeera powder, Instead of pomegranate seed powder Add salt to taste Add chopped onion to get good texture, add oil Add 3 – tbsp oil You can use ghee instead of oil Mix it well Onion releases good amount of water if we add water and prepare dough then it will become loose after it we need soft dough for Koki for that we will put it for 5 minutes so that with release water of onion, dough can be smooth close lid and put it for 5 minutes check after 5 minutes mixute is wet now now add little water will not prepare loose dough need stiff dough like roti / paratha no need to kneed much when dough is ready, we can start making Koki keep addling little water and kneed stiff dough is ready add 1 tsp of oil kneed it properly so that it become smooth make 6 equal parts as koki has little big size, we can make 6 from this if you wish can make 8 pieces from this but will make little bigger Koki which taste is very delicious take 1 part in hand and roll roll between hands give shape of peda – flate round prepare all peda For rolling, take one peda grease hand before taking peda dust with dry flour roll it with rolling pin to give big round shape Koki is rolled and ready put tawa on gas with medium flame you can check with distance of 4 – 5 inch if it is feeling hot, then tawa is ready here we do not need very hot tawa apply 1 tsp of oil on it put Koki on tawa cook it till light spots. No need to cook till brown spotas. flip it you can see, there is no brown spots so flip it before it forms brown spots cook in the same way for other side flip it we have cooked very less from both side take it out make it little cool take it in hand and fold and roll it in hand make it like ball prepare peda shape peda is preparedf dust with dry flour roll it with rolling pin roll it to make bigger size koki to make it perfact Koki, keep dough stiff roll it for 2 times and cook for 2 times so it becomes soft from inside and crips from outside you can see, border is not forming perfect round shape put it on tawa cook it on medium flame flip it you can see brown spots flip it it is cooked with brown spots on other side apply 1 tsp of oil due to oil, it becomes soft and crisp flip it apply oil on other side press it with help of flat spoon so that it becomes crisp you can see, it is very crisp now flip it and cook Koki is fried from both side and ready now take it out in a plate prepare rest of koki in the same way put abother koki and fry all Kokies are ready and served in a plate it can be served with tea, pickle or curd it is crisp from outside and soft from inside you sure try this recipe at home give me your feedback in comment below if you like my video then give LIKE SHARE with your friends SUBSCRIBE my channel so that you can watch my upcoming recipe videos will meet you again with new recipe, see you for now. Thank you . Bye.