Hello everyone myself Beena and welcome to my channel Tangy kitchen Today we will make fruit custard We like to eat fruit custard in summer sesson If we eat cold custard in summer which taste delicious Kids like too much Let’s start making fruit custard BANANA- 1 CHIKKO- 2 CHOPPED GREEN AND BLACK GRAPES POMEGRANATE- 1 SMALL TOTAL – 2 CUPS FRUIT YOU CAN USE ANY TYPE OF FRUIT CUSTARD- 3 TBSP MILK- 1/ CUP Take 500 ml milk and take 1/4 cup of milk from it and put it aside Put milk for boiling Use full fat milk SUGAR- 1/4 CUP WHIP CREAM OR READY MADE CREAM- 2 TBSP CARDAMOM POWDER- 1 TSP Milk is boilibg now Low down the flame Boil for 2 to 3 minutes Meanwhile we prepared custard Add milk into custard bowl Mix well Use room temperature milk for custard If we add custard in hot milk than lumps will creat Mix well After 3 minutes Add prepared custard Stir custard before adding custard in the milk Add custard Immediately stir it So that lumps does not foamed Stir it continuesly Boil custard till raw taste of custard will remove Boil custard for 8 minutes Keep the flame slow Keep stirring in between Check custard For check custard take custard in spoon And taste custasrd Custard is cooked now Add sugar in it Cook till sugar will melt Add cardamom powder and mix well After 1 – minute off the gas Cool down custard After cool down Add cream in it Adding cream gives rich taste Add pomegranate Add banana Add chickoo Add chopped grapes Mix well Serve into a serving bowl Garnish with pomegranate seeds and cherry If you like my video than give LIKE SHARE with your friends SUBSCRIBE for more recipes Will you meet again THANK YOU and BYE