Hello everyone myself Beena and welcome to my channel Tangy kitchen Today we will make Farali Pattice You can take it in fast We stuffed it Which is delicious Let’s start making Farali Pattice POTATO- 4 BOILED ARROWROOT – 2 TO 3 TBSP FRESHLY GRATED COCONUT- 1/4 CUP Remove skin and than grate CORIANDER LEAVES- 1 TBSP ROASTED PEANUT POWDER – 2 TBSP ROCK SALT TO TASTE LEMON JUICE- 1/2 TSP RAISIN- 1 TBSP SUGAR POWDER- 1/2 TSP GREEN CHILLY – 1 AND GINGER SMALL OIL FOR FRY Preparation for stuffing Add roasted peanut powder into coconut powder Add raisin and Add ginger and green chilly paste Add powder sugar Add lemon juice Add coriander leaves and rock salt Mix well Stuffing is ready now For making outer layer Add rock salt into boiled potato Add 2- tbsp arrow root Mix well For make Pattice Take medium lemon size of dough Make like tikki Take stuffing with spoon Cover stuffing properly And make round shape like ball Pattice is ready Put it into arrow root and coat properly Put it into a plate Prepare left over Pattice same way Prepare left over Pattice same way Put oil for heat Oil is heated now We need hot oil for Pattice Put Pattice one by one for fry Keep the flame medium Fry till they become golden brown Check pattice Flip pattice Pattice became crisp and golden brown Take out onto a plate Prepare left over Pattice same way Farali Pattice is fried now Serve with tomato ketch up You can serve it with green chutney or curd You surely try it at home Give me feedback If you like my video than give LIKE SHARE with your friends SUBSCRIBE for more recipes Will you meet again THANK YOU and BYE