Hello everyone myself Beena and welcome to my channel Tangy kitchen Today we will make Dahi Bhalle We can make it like market Which is very spongy If you make Dahi Bhalle from my recipes Than it will take just like out side Let’s start making Dahi Bhalle UDAD DAL- 1 CUP WASH AND THAN SOAKED INTO WATER FOR 2 HOURS Remove extra water from dal CURD ADD SUGAR AND SALT IN IT SWEET IMLY CHUTNEY BLACK PEPPER POWDER- 1 TSP BLACK SALT JEERA – 1 TSP DRY MINT LEAVES POWDER- 1 TSP RED CHILLY POWDER ROASTED JEERA POWDER CHAAT MASALA POWDER SALT TO TASTE GREEN CHUTNEY PINCH OF ASAFOETIDA OIL AS NEEDED Preparation for batter Take udad dal into mixi jar Add salt to taste Add jeera