Hello everyone, myself Beena and welcome to my channel Tangy Kitchen Today I will show you how to make Aloo Masala Sandwitch, which is favorite of kids Lets start making Sandwitch Ingredients for Aloo masala sandwitch.. POTATO – 2 Boiled BROWN BREAD SLICE -4 BUTTER – 2 tbsp ONION – 1 finely chopped CORIANDER LEAVES – 3 tbsp Finey chopped TURMERIC POWDER – 1/3 tsp SALT – To taste CORIANDER POWDER – 1/2 tsp and BLACK SALT- 1/3 tsp GARAM MASALA – 1/3 tsp GREEN CHILLY – 2 & GINGER – Small – Grinded paste TOMATO SAUCE GREEN CHUTNEY OIL – 1/4 cup Lets start preparing sandwitch For making masala , put a pan on gas And add 2 tbsp of oil When oil is hot, bring down gas to medium flame Add ginger – chilly paste Add turmeric powder Add coriander powder and chopped onion Mix well Close lid and cook for 2 minutes Check after 2 minutes Onion is fried Add smashed boiled potatoes Add garam masala Add black salt Add salt to taste As i have not added salt when boiling potatoes, add salt as per that Mix them well Masala is mixed properly Add chopped coriander leaves Mix well Turn off gas Masala is ready for stuffing Apply butter on bread slice i have used 2 tbsp of butter Apply green chutney Keep chutney little thick as it gives good taste Put potato stuffing Apply butter and tomato sauce on another bread slice Put it over masala bread Put it in a plate and prepare another as same way Sandwitch is ready with stuffing I have added little more stuffing so that it taste good If you want to add little less masala then you can prepare 3 sandwitches Lets roast them on tawa Apply butter on both sides of sandwitch apply butter on another side Put a tawa on gas When tawa is hot, bring down gas flame to low Put sandwitches over tawa Roast them Check them They are roasted with golden brown in color Flit them to other side Keep gas flame at low so that they dont get burnt out Roast them for other side till golden brown in color Check for other side They are roasted Transfer in a plate Cut them with pizza cutter Sandwitch is cut and served in a plate I have served with Tomato sauce it can also served with coriander leaves chutney It is very good snack / breakfast You sure try this recipe at home And share your experience with me in comment below Delicious Sandwitch is ready for mouth watering taste You sure try this sandwitch at home If you have liked my recipe then LIKE my video SHARE as much as possible with friends and SUBSCRIBE my channel So that you can watch my other recipe videos Will meet you again …see you for now Thank you..Bye..!