Hello everyone my self Beena and welcome to my chhanel Tangy kitchen Today we will make potato puri Which is delicious and tasty You can serve it as a breakfast You can serve it with potato subji Let’s start making Potato puri WHOLE WHEAT FLOUR- 2 CUP SEMOLINA- 2 TBSP CORIANDER LEAVES- 1/4 CUP RED CHILLY POWDER- 1/2 TSP CORIANDER POWDER- 1 TSP SALT TO TASTE OIL- 1 TSP CAROM SEEDS- 1 TSP TURMERIC POWDER- 1/2 TSP POTATO- 2 BOILED OIL FOR FRY Preparation for dough Take a grater And grate potato Add coriander powder Add salt to taste Add turmeric powder Add red chilly powder Add sesame seeds Add semolina Add chopped coriander Add 1- tsp oil Mix well Add little water Make tight dough Dough is ready now Put if for 20 minutes for rest After 20 minutes dough is set now Add 1- tsp oil Knead it properly So that dough became soft Dough became soft now Make peda from dough Make two equal part from dough Take small lemon size dough And make peda You can make big or small puri Prepare 20 peda from dough And make round peda For making puri add 1- tsp oil on chakla Greece peda from both side Make puri with rolling pin Puri is ready Prepare left over puri same way Take out into a plate Put oil for heat and oil is heated now We need hot oil for fry Fry till puri became golden brown from both side Puri became golden brown from both side Remove extra oil Take out into a plate Fry left over puri same way Puri is fried now Serve into a serving plate Serve with tea, chutney or pickle Also serve with aloo mutter subji Which is crisp and delicious You surely try it at home Give me feedback If you like my video than give LIKE SHARE with your friends and SUBSCRIBE for more videos Will you meet again THANK YOU BYE