If you were to drive between Mangalore and
Kundapur and step into a home where food is… … still prepared in a traditional way, this
is the sort of curry, this is the sort of… … Saagu you would find. Mmmh! Every once in
a while you want to escape the hustle and… … bustle of the city to a time in the past where
things were perhaps relatively still to a… … time when things calmer and perhaps a lot
more at peace. When you step into… … New Modern Hotel it’s like stepping into
a glorious time in the past, you can feel… … like you’ve stepped back into a place in history
when times took still. You look around you… … this is perhaps what the setting must have
been like in the 50s and 60s when this… … establishment first began. So I am here with Mr.Padmanabha Adiga who
has been running New Modern Hotel since 1967. And I am with his son Purushotham and Prakash,
nice to meet you. So it was you and your brother… … who started, who took over New Modern Hotel. So New Modern Hotel began in 1957 and the brothers took over, … … New Modern Hotel in 1967.
So we’re just looking at some pictures from… … the past, so that is when the hotel was opened.
This was in 1964, you can see the date. So that’s Mr.Lalbahadur Shastri who visited the
New Modern Hotel then and Mr.Kamaraj. People talk about New Modern Hotel…. To eat Dosa, to eat that vegetarian meal. So that’s very interesting, what he says is that
they do things exactly the way it was done… … five-six decades ago in terms of the way the
dishes were prepared, the ingredients that… … are used and most importantly that people
that work here, that do it. So they have been… … here for the last four,five decades and he
says they are the pillars of New Modern Hotel. Dose, Vade-Sambar, Idli Sambar, in Sweet Halwa,
Jamoon, Chiroti, Pheni, all traditional old Sweets. We have also tasted the dosas here before, we’ve… … tasted their lovely Masala Dose, we’ve also
tasted their Ragi Dose when we came here to… … shoot the “Top Dose’s of Bengaluru” so I am
gonna put a link to that episode right here… do take a look at it if you haven’t yet.
So Vegetarian Meal is also popular here, alright… South Indian Vegetarian Meal, Rasam ,Sambar.
South Indian in that South Canara. So you come from Kundapur ? So if you want a South Canara
Vegetarian Meal which is what I have come… … here for New Modern Hotel is the place to
try it. And I am told that some of the dishes… … are still on the stove so we will just go
inside and take a look at how they are prepared, … … including Badam Halwa so one of their most
popular sweets traditional sweet meat… … here is the Badam Halwa. From the beginning.. So the Badam Halwa here
is very popular. We are gonna go inside and watch how that Badam Halwa, … … which is hugely
popular over the last many decades is made. Thank you sir, thank you. He says come in
and watch it happily that’s what we are going to do. The kitchen is a buzz with activity
they’re getting busy for lunch now. I can see those cauldrons of Rasam. So this is the Rasam. this is majjige huli. Aah! Majjige Huli ok. What we prepare in Karnataka, what you call… … Malnad preparation similar to that. What is the difference ? -Coconut and curd. And some tempering I can see some with pumpkin inside. And this is served only on Friday so we are… … lucky we are here on a Friday so we are gonna
taste the majjige huli also, here’s tomato rasam. So this is the rasam which is actually
called a Thilisaaru in South canara. So when… … you talk about Thilisaaru, Thilisaaru basically
talks about the consistency which is quite thin. And saaru is off course the gravy but
there’s coconut milk. So he says in South canara that is, … … the belt between Mangalore
and Kundapur they also put some coconut oil… … on the top which gives it that flavour. Peanut oil ? Groundnut oil! That’s why you put that coconut milk. Because
they use groundnut oil here which is what… … is more suited to the locals here, they use
coconut milk in the Thilisaaru when it’s being prepared. That’s the Badam Halwa that famous Badam halwa here in New Modern Hotel being made. So what is there in now is the badam, is the khova
and the sugar and he’s also put some cardamom… … in that to flavour. Once it thickens that’s
when the ghee goes in. So Mr Narayan here… … has being doing this for the last 40 years.
I mean watching him now for the last 20 minutes… … just stirring away, so like they say it’s not about
the ingredients alone it’s about the way you… … prepare it that technique otherwise everybody
can make this. But it’s that technique and… … the flame, so the flame has been switched
off completely and now he’s going to put the… … ghee to finish the Badam halwa. So now that
Badam Halwa is cooking on the residual heat… … that is contained in that vessel. You can
see the streaks of ghee but as he mixes it… … in somewhat of an eight pattern that ghee
is getting infused, that ghee is coming together… … melding into that Badam Halwa mix. Some more ghee! Aah! Here the amount of ghee that goes into this
is the reason why this desert this Badam halwa is… … so lusciously rich. There’s some ghee that’s
going on the platter that thatte or the plate… … is now getting ready to receive that Badam
halwa. Ohh! Wow! You can see all that Badam Halwa he’s scraping
every bit of that rich decadent Badam Halwa. You know I am told this is very hot but I
can’t wait to taste this. Ohh! It’s hot. I think I burnt my finger there because I couldn’t
wait to taste it. But the moment you put it… … into the mouth that Badam Halwa fills every
pore of your pallet with that ghee with the… … texture of the almonds with that milky richness
of that khova that what you taste. It’s all come together as one and it’s so lush on your
pallet. You know watching this Badam Halwa cook my
mouth was watering all the way through and… I tasted a bit but I want to taste some more.
That’s such a luscious desert. So we are with… … three generations of the New Modern Hotel
family, the establishment began with Mr. Adiga… … here and of course his son here Mr.Sripad
and of course that’s Sriram the 3rd generation… … who’s pursuing his own interest of career
at this point of time. This hotel you’ve had… … it for the last sixty years so have things
changed in sixty years ? Definitely! What has changed ?
It has changed a lot lifestyle has changed, … … earlier people were not coming to the hotel
much they were all cooking in the house itself… … over the time people cooking inside has come
down people eating outside has increased, … … working women have increased.
So today in a manner of speaking to… Otherwise you will forget the taste, so I
think in a manner of speaking establishments… … like yours have their responsibilities today.
You are preserving a culinary heritage, you… … are not just selling foods, you are not just
preparing meals you are preserving a culinary… … heritage. They are preserving a way of life
and I think that’s so important to have in… … today’s society. You know when everything’s
moving fast, when everything’s moving rapidly… … people are busy people have no time to be
in the kitchen etc. You still want to be connected… … to the great times you still want to be connected
to your tradition you still want to be connected… … to your heritage and the best way to find
that connection is through food and that’s… … where establishments like New Modern Hotel
that have stood the test of time for five… … of six decades come into play. I mean that’s
the contribution that you are making to the… … society today. Today the concept has been
dio and eat but we don’t have it here it’s… … all slow cooking and it has its own aroma,
flavour and nutrition. All slow cooking, that’s… … what they say on that note I can’t wait to
get to the table taste my South Canara Vegetarian… … Meal here at New Modern Hotel. I have also
been told that they do a Thatte Idli which… … is served around this time you won’t find
it in the morning but you come around 11-11:30… … you will find the thatte idli. I haven’t tasted
that here yet, so I said let’s taste the thatte… … idli before we get to the vegetarian meals
here. Idli is served with sambar and chutney… … and it’s smeared with that ghee. I am supporting
it with my fingers here if I don’t this Thatte… Idli is going to break under its own weight.
Idli is nice soft it’s got slightly bassy… … texture and a slight tart edge. Now let’s
taste it with the chutney let’s get that generous… … dip of the coconut chutney or the kayi chutney here. Ohh I love that green chilli bite of this
chutney, the chutney is rich in the coconut… … and then it’s got that green chilli that gives
it that hot green chilli spice. The sambar is thick, tasty I can taste the hint of the
hingu or the asafoetida and that slight sweetness… … that comes from the jaggery that goes into
that Sambar. Next we are going to dunk that… … the Thatte Idli into the Sambar get some of that
tomato and also get that chutney. So there you have it my south Canara style
Vegetarian Thali, so it comes with a bunch… … of dishes. I have asked for the Poori you
can ask with the poori or the chapati. I have… … got the Rasam or the Thilisaaru as it’s most
formally known in South canara in kundapur. I have got the Majjige Saaru a gravy that’s
made with buttermilk the curd of course and… … then they have the Saagu or vegetable curry
which is made of lady’s finger today. And I’ve got a Palya, this Palya Is made with
sweet potato today. And of course the rice… … and the Papad, of course there’s also some pickles
and salt right there. And all this for the… … princely sum of eighty rupees. Can’t resist
a good Papad ever can you ? I am going to make a beginning with this Bendekai a Lady’s Finger Saagu, this gravy is thick… … it’s tempered with mustard seeds I can spot some tomato in here. Let’s taste this. The lady’s finger has absorbed all the masala
from that gravy yet is crisp on the bite. I love the creamy pop of the Lady’s Finger
seeds, you can taste the richness of the coconut… … in this Saagu. I am going to take some of
that Poori and dunk it into this Saagu. That’s such a comforting bite, if you were to drive
between Mangalore and Kundapur and step into… … a home where food is still prepared the traditional
way this is a sort of curry, … … this is the sort of Saagu that you would find. Mmmh! I love this. Should be told I am not a big fan of sweet
potato it’s doesn’t figure on my top list… … of vegetables but when you are served the
vegetable that’s part of your review you eat it, … … you taste it. That mustard that’s gone
into it gives it a nice peppery sort of a bite. I love the fact that the sweet potato
here is cooked with the skin on therefore… … providing that added fibre. Mmmh! I also love
the fleshy crunch of the shredded coconut that’s… gone into this preparations. Papad is nice
and crisp. Mmmh! I love that Pickle, I love that bitterness of
that Lemon Pickle. I think next it’s time… … to go for the Rice with the Rasam and the
Majjige Huli, you can see it’s steaming away… … that’s how hot this rice is. And we are going
to begin our rice here with the Rasam, the… … rice is hot and the Rasam is a shade cooler.
The sort of combination that you can savour… … quickly, there’s the Rasam here has a bit
of body because they also add some coconut… … milk into it, there’s also some green chillies
in here. I love the very melo acidity of the… Rasam and that melo sweetness, that lingering
sweetness that comes from the jaggery. I want… … all the flavours of of the Rasam absorbing
to every grain of the Rice, that’s what I want. Mmmh! So if you like you’re Rasam to be spicy, to be hot definitely bite into that chill, … … this is such a pleasing Rasam. I am going to get… … some papad into that Rasam now. Mmmh! That’s
such a party of flavours, textures acting… … in my mouth right now. Tempted as I am to
go back to the Rasam, because it’s seriously… that good, I am going to hold myself back
and taste the Majjige Huli next. Aah! This is the Majjige Huli and it also has some
pumpkin in it, I expected the gravy to be… … thinner but this is a thick gravy. I am going
to taste some of that. That Majjige Huli is thick but delicate in it’s
flavours, I love that refreshing bite of that… … pumpkin and it’s also quite smooth to the touch.
And Majjige huli makes for a refreshing mouthful… as you come to the end of the meal here. But
I have not come to the end of my meal by no… … count, I am going to take some of the rice
and pour the remnant of my Bendekai Saaru. You can take the hint of the hingu the asafetida
that gentle pop of lady fingers and the mild… … sweetness of the tomatoes. When it comes to
South Canara food there’s always coconut, … … there’s always jaggery, there’s always a bit
of tamarind in almost every savoury dish. Every meal in Namma Bengaluru can only be
finished with some curd or the mosaru, so… … when the Mosaru meets the rice or the Anna
you have the Mosaranna. And the way to eat… Mosaranna is with a sprinkle of the salt and
some of that pickle that’s been hiding on… … my plate up until now. So you take that pickle
and massage it almost into that Mosaranna, … … you know my mouth is watering even as I am
mixing the Lemon Pickle into that Rice. Want to get that pulp of that Lemon Pickle out
and mix that into your rice. So you’ve got… … that creamy yoghurt, you’ve got that tartness
of the lemon and the bitter finish of the lemon. Buttermilk ! So as if the Majjige Huli, the yoghurt wasn’t
enough I also have some buttermilk here to… … wrap up my Vegetarian Thali here at New Modern Hotel. You know this meal feels so light. I’ve eaten
all these rice I’ve eaten all these vegetables… I’ve eaten the rasam, the Majjige Huli, the
Poori and the Papad. But I don’t feel heavy… … in the least you know it’s a sort of feeling
that you have when you eat a great meal at home. So you have to end your meal here at New Modern Hotel
with some traditional Mithai. Off course this is the Badam Halwa that we watched being prepared in the kitchen a short while ago, … … it’s as fresh as that. And then you have the Chiroti, now this Chiroti… … begins it’s life as a Poori. As almost a sort
of a poori that’s made of Semolina and Maida… … and then, it is topped with powdered sugar,
almond powder and then a generous helping… … of milk is poured over it.
You can see the flakiness of that chiroti… … it’s perhaps the Indian equivalent of a Puff
Pastry. The yellow colour of this desert comes… … from the Badam powder. As you are tasting
a Chiroti you also taste the crunch of some… … of that poori or some of that Chiroti that’s
not been submerged soaked up with the milk. This is a sort of desert that can bring a
smile to anybody’s face so once you’re done… … you can also drink up that Badam powder, that
almond powder glazed milk. We’ve watched this Badam Halwa being cooked
it’s now cooled and solidified. This is the … typical serving of the Badam Halwa it’s as
rich as that so you can only taste that much at a time. You can definitely taste that buttery goodness of all the ghee, you taste the granular texture, … …of the almond and the aroma of cardamom that’s gone into this Badam Halwa. We watched it being made it’s one part almond, two part… … khova, three part sugar and brace yourselves
for this six parts ghee. That how decadently rich this Badam Halwa is. I needed some respite from all that mithai
and I’ve found my respite in this cup of Coffee. Strong, Hot Filter Coffee. Just the sort that
you need after a meal here at… … New Modern Hotel. … with the Badam Halwa and a Coffee, of course
the Badam Halwa is available only on a weekend the coffee of course you will find everyday
of the week. I have thoroughly enjoyed my meal here at
New Modern Hotel, it’s a simple meal but it’s … … a meal that’s rich in its history, it’s a
meal that’s rich in it’s a tradition that… … goes back sixty years. In the hustle and bustle
of our daily existence it’s hard to find establishments … like these that’s served as a bridge to the
glorious times of our past. And that’s exactly… … the sort of experience that a meal at New
Modern Hotel provides. From their delicious… … Vegetarian South Canara style Thalis to their
tiffin items to their Dosa’s and to their… … Sweetmeats, their Coffee and a lot more. Come
here not just for a taste of deliciousness… … but also for a peak into the glorious tradition
of namma Bengaluru’s rich culinary history and legacy. Until the next episode of Gourmet
on the Road stay… … safe and happy eating or drinking as a case maybe. At Food Lovers TV, my team and I work hard to produce engaging food and travel videos. If you like our work, do check out our Patreon page where you can pledge a nominal sum… … in lieu of special privileges like behind the scenes footage, … … early video releases, exclusive q&a’s, merch and much more! For more info, check out the links in the description below. Also, if you enjoyed this video, … … don’t forget to subscribe, share, like and leave a comment here. Happy eating!