COOPERATING. STEF I POSTED A PICTURE ON FACEBOOK YESTERDAY THAT I TOOK ON MY WAY TO WORK. IT SHOWED TRASH ALONG THE CANAL BANK AT CHESTNUT AND MCKINLEY.. STEF AND I POSED THE QUESTION: WHAT KIND OF FIRST IMPRESSION DOES FRESNO MAKE? THAT QUESTION STRUCK A NERVE WITH A LOT OF PEOPLE. OUR KAILE HUNT SPOKE TO THE CITY TO FIND OUT WHAT FRESNO IS DOING TO CLEAN UP THE MESS. TRASH, JUNK AND GARBAGE IS WHAT YOU SEE WHEN DRIVING DOWN MCKLINLEY… AND FOR SOME THIS IS THEIR VERY FIRST IMPRESSION OF FRESNO WHEN LEAVING THE FRESNO AIRPORT… Jesus Rodriguez, Employee at Ceviches & Beer 06:51:47 “They leave the trash over here by the drive through so I take it to the trash,” JESUS RODRIQUEZ WORKS ON THE CORNER OF MCKINLEY AND FRESNO… HE TELLS ME HE’S CONSTANTLY PICKING UP TRASH THAT IS LEFT IN THEIR RESTURANTS PARKING LOT… Jesus Rodriguez, Employee at Ceviches & Beer 06:51:24 “It affects the business because there is trash around the restaurants and we have been here for two months. So, most of the people they come and they see like dirty outside.” AND A LITTLE FURTHER DOWN ON THE CORNER OF MILLBROOK AND MCKINLEY TRASH PILES ARE STILL PRESENT… Mysti Dailey, Trinity Development Center 07:00:55 “We have had a major problem with trash in the area especially due to the homeless issue that we have had along the embankment of the canal.” DAILEY TELLS ME ALTHOUGH THERE IS TRASH RIGHT OUTSIDE HER BUSINESS NOW… THE CITY OF FRESNO HAS MADE AN EFFORT TO CLEAN IT UP MORE FREQUENTLY… Mysti Dailey, Trinity Development Center 07:01:38 “The city has been doing a lot to improve that and so on a weekly basis they have a team that starts at the end of McKinley and works there way down McKinley.” FRESNO MAYOR LEE BRAND SAYS HE IS WORKING TO TACKLE THE TRASH PROBLEM.. BUT FIRST HE SAYS HE NEEDS TO TACKLE THE HOMELESS PROBLEM.. Mayor Lee Brand, City of Fresno 07:12:58″Most of the trash cumulation is from homelessness and homeless encampments.” BRAND SAYS IN AUGUST THE FIRST MEETING TO BEAUTIFY FRESNO WILL TAKE PLACE AND THERE HE WILL HAVE A BETTER IDEA OF HOW TO KEEP FRESNO TRASH FREE… Mayor Lee Brand, City of Fresno “So we need to mobilize a lot of elements both for profit, non profit, faith base to get everybody out in full force.” STEF THE CITY SAYS YOU CAN ALWAYS REPORT THE TRASH PILES YOU SEE NEARBY BY USING THE FRESGO APP AND BY CALLING 311