[MUSIC] Student: The campus experience at NYU is very unique. Josh: A lot of people think NYU doesn’t really have a campus but it’s a huge
misconception NYU really does have a concentrated campus within the city. Meredith: It’s where we go to school where we live where we hang out where we have our
clubs it’s where you find students and geographically that’s right around
Washington Square Park Remy: Washington Square Park means a lot to me. When I first came
to NYU after I moved into my dorm one of the first things I did was just start
walking around and I walked right through Washington Square Park and I
immediately felt like I was home. John: This is like our quad for the University and
it’s a great place to meet up with friends and classmates and most of our
classroom buildings are located just right around the square. In the fall, it’s
a great place to go outside and watch the trees change color; in the winter,
it’s a great place for snowball fights and in the spring once it hits about
sixty degrees it’s a great place to enjoy the sun in the New York City
weather. Remy: It comes alive and the whole park kind of is the epitome of Greenwich
Village in my opinion and Greenwich Village is such a big part of uh of NYU
being right in the middle of the city Praveen: Our campus in the square extends to
nearby Brooklyn where you’ll find our school of engineering.
It’s got labs, workshops, and research facilities where we learn to put
technology to work. Malcolm: Brooklyn is great! Close by is the beautiful historic
neighborhood of Brooklyn Heights. Roger: As well as Dumbo which offers art galleries
parks and spectacular views of the city. Malcolm: And when you want to get to Washington
Square, NYU provides shuttles between its many locations but it’s
literally like less than 15 minutes by one train, it’s really not that far at
all. Katya: Bobst Library is a central hub on campus
for all students the lower levels of the library are actually open 24 hours and I’ve
spent a number of nights there along with some of my fellow students. I love
the library because it’s inspiring when you have so many other students sitting
by you, studying, engaging, discussing with other people– I’m always on fifth floor west
in the corner table right by the window because it’s nice to sometimes look
outside and remind myself that I’m studying in the greatest city in the
world. [MUSIC] Jaime: The Kimmel Center is basically a center
where every student has the chance to just come in and do something that isn’t
academic per se and it’s really just nine floors of just socialization so
you’ll come in here for a club meeting you’ll come in here to get some lunch
with your friends enjoy the beautiful view There’s just a lot of things always
going on it’s a great venue for social events this space is basically available
for all students wherever they want to use it and however they want to use it. Michael: So if you exit the Kimmel doors and just head right around the corner you’ll end
up here at the Skirball Center for Performing Arts which is the largest
theatre space south of Times Square here on NYU’s campus. Skirball is home to
such amazing productions: Broadway shows, off Broadway shows, lecture series, music
festivals, film premieres, any assortment of things you might want to see here at
NYU but what makes Skirball really special to me is that I’ve actually
gotten a chance to perform here. Skirball’s box office is home to Ticket Central, NYU’s discount finder for anything you might want to see here in
New York City on a college student’s budget. [MUSIC] Darrin: Now what’s cool about this building is
that it houses all of our religious services and organizations under one
roof. What’s also cool about this building is that we have global network
classrooms say for instance your student here at the New York campus and you
would like to take a class with a professor who is in Shanghai we have the
media equipment for you to do so Strickland: My name is Strickland and behind me is
the academic Resource Center also known as the Arc. I’ve come here a lot I
learned Mandarin last semester in a Speaking Freely course which is taught
in the bottom levels also I come here to meet with my advisor we have to meet a
couple times during the semester so it’s a really great meeting space in just a
communal area that we have to call our own within New York City. [MUSIC] Maria: Hi, I’m Maria,
and we’re in the Center for genomics and systems biology at NYU. As an
undergraduate at NYU of experience in a lab is invaluable because you have
access to so many resources such as faculty I can get help from in my
classes and you could also develop your specific research interests early on so
that you know what you want to pursue in your future career. I’m a commuter
student so finding a sense of community was harder than some of the students who
had residence halls so working here in the lab and making friends in the
biology department really helped me find my niche in NYU. Nick: And this is the NYU bookstore it’s a
great location here on campus there’s a lot of merchandise and apparel
it’s a great option to buy some stuff for your friends or yourself and then
also in the back there’s a resource where you can scan your ID and it’ll
print out a list of all of your required texts for the semester it’ll tell you
where they’re located and all you have to do is find them and it’s a really
easy resource to get all your books here on campus. Meredith: We’re now in the Silver Center
which is one of our main academic buildings so Silver is technically home
to the College of Arts and Science. My advising center is on the top floor of
this building but the Silver Center could definitely be considered one of
the hubs of student life and activity here at NYU so many people from all of
our schools have classes here but also you know there are lectures held here
after class also people will study here there’s definitely events that go on
here clubs will meet here there’s always something going on in Silver. [MUSIC] Hunter: My name is
Hunter Chancellor and we’re here at the Washington Center for Career Development
we can do resume building cover letter workshops they have mock
interviews for you I can sit one-on-one with a counselor who can help you
present yourself on a piece of paper. I came in as a sophomore and I met
one-on-one with a counselor who suggested that I sent in my application
to Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. I sent it in and sure enough I got
a response, had an interview, and now I work there as an intern and it’s been
the most incredible experience I’ve ever had at NYU. Rishi: We’re here at the Palladium gym which is
a great place to get a workout in in between classes. I love to come here and
catch a pickup game [of] basketball my friends and there’s so many great places
to work out including the various exercise machines, the pool, and even the
rock wall it’s there behind me. [MUSIC] Alex: My name is Alex Cass and this is my room
at Founders Hall it’s one of the many freshmen residence halls the view is the
best part of this room I think it’s really great living in one of the
residence halls as a freshman because these rooms have a lot of space so you
really do get a feel for your independence and the privacy of living
as an adult in New York City but at the same time New York is such a big place
and these residence halls are a great way to build a community with all the
other freshmen that are going through the same things as you are. Kelson: I’m a sophomore here at NYU studying
sports management I take most of my classes here at 7 East 12th Street but
this building has so much more to offer. It has various language classes downstairs
in the basement and even some of the best study spots here on campus. [MUSIC] Josh: There’s no separation between you and
the rest of the world so one second you’re on campus and five steps later
you’re right back in the city so that’s a really great thing that you can take
advantage of everything that the university has to offer on campus and
then take advantage of everything the city has to offer
five minutes later. Right now we’re at the corner of Minetta Lane this is right next to MacDougal Street which is one of the big hangouts for NYU students it’s
just a few steps off campus and has a lot of cool restaurants cool places to
go listen to live music and other places to hang out. Katya: Everyone has a favorite spot
on campus in the library or maybe it’s in Starbucks or maybe it’s in the
academic building of the undergraduate college that you’re in there’s always
some place on campus that you really feel comfortable in and almost say that
it’s like your home away from your residence hall or your hometown. Strickland: Though
we are a very large university I often feel like I’m at a small liberal arts
school because I know people on campus but at the same time I can meet people
I’ve never met before every day which is a really great way of getting the best
of both worlds. [MUSIC] Jamie: Hi my name is Jamie and this is my campus. Remy: This is my campus. Strickland: This is my NYU campus. Michael: This is my NYU. Maria: This is my NYU. Josh: The one thing I like to tell people when they come here to visit me at NYU is
that people go to other colleges to start their college career but when you
come here to NYU you’re coming to New York City to start your life.