Today we’re in our Winners’ Lounge in
our Watford headquarters and it’s a room designed to help people celebrate their win. We’re ready as a team, we’ve got the champagne
on ice, and we just can’t wait to see them. Winning such a large amount of money can be
really overwhelming, so we make sure they have access to the best legal advice, to the
best publicity advice. They can see tickets from the very first draw,
they can see photographs of other winners. It’s a place where they can have a glass
of champagne and relax. It’s not all just about the paper work. We want to give them a truly memorable experience. We’ve got a real draw machine so they can
actually push that button, see the balls roll around and imagine they’re there on the
draw shows. A photo booth with a green screen, they can
dress up with their hats on and do a lovely backdrop of a beach or an aeroplane in the
background and they can keep their photos as a memento. As a team we’ve seen everything, we’re
highly experienced, we’ve looked after nearly 5000 millionaires now so any possible emotion,
we’ve seen them.