(Instrumental theme music) – We are at the Miami-Dade Public Library. We have to be very quiet in a library, do you know why? – Because some people are reading and they don’t want to get messed up. – And they don’t want to hear loud noise like a rock star. – That’s right. So let’s
shake our sillies out, ready? (Children and woman yelling) Shake, shake it, shake
it, shake it, shake it! Get all your sillies out! (All yelling) Freeze! Take a big, deep breath. (“Skip to My Lou”) Beautiful, hold hands. Now we’re ready. – [Girl] All in together! – [Adult Woman] Perfect, there we go. – Hi! Welcome to the Coral Gables branch of the Miami-Dade Public Library System! My name is Carmen and I’m
one of the librarians here. – Thank you very much for having us today. – Excellent, well before
we start on our tour, let me first tell you about
how the library works. We have books for kids and for adults, we have computers, laptops, free internet, audiobooks, they have DVDs
including children’s games. But first, you need to get a library card. Would you like to get
a library card today? – [All] Yes! – [Carmen] Alright, follow me then! (“Skip to My Lou”) This is Gracelyn and
she’s going to help us get a library card. – Hello, welcome. In order to get a library card, your parent must fill out
this library card application and show ID with proof of address, such as a light bill or phone bill. And the reason why they have
to fill this application out is for the library to
keep a record of the items that are checked out. So what I’m gonna do is
hand you an application as well as a library card but first, you have to tell me what are the library rules? Yes? – You need a library card to buy a book. – [Gracelyn] You need a
library card to check out the book, yes! And, can you tell me another rule? – That when you get a
book, you have to take very good care of it. So then when you bring it back and someone else gets it,
it’ll be as good as new. – Absolutely. And, last but
not least, the last rule? – You need to bring it back in time. – That’s right, you have
to bring the book back in 28 days, or four weeks.
Welcome to the library! – Boys and girls, are you ready to see the Children Department? – [All] Yes! – Alright let’s go! I’m sure we’re gonna find some great books that you can take home today. This is our reading area. Okay, and over here, this
is where we do story time. You and your parents are
always welcome to join us, we sing songs, we read
stories, we do arts and crafts. (Cheerful flute music) This is our computer center. – Wow! Hey, I recognize that field trip! – That’s Penny! – [Woman] Yeah, what are you doing here? – We’re watching a video. – [Woman] You are? That’s
the animal shelter video! – Yeah! – [Father] She likes watching
the KidVision videos. (Woman laughs) – After, we get books about the video. – That is a great idea. What kind of animal is that? – [Children] Cat! – It’s a cat! Wow, Grant what’s your favorite animal? – Dog! – A dog, how about you, Randy? – Turtles! – Turtles? And how about you? – Cats and dogs. – You like cats and dogs,
two animals, that’s great! Can we find books about animals? – Sure, I can help you
find some, come with me. Okay, fiction books are organized
by the author’s last name- first letter of the author’s last name. If you look inside this book you will see the name of the author.
What is the first letter of the author’s last name? – [Children] F – [Carmen] Good job! Now
if you look at the spine, what letter does it start with? – [Children] F – Very good, and that is
the letter that we use to put our books in alphabetical order. – Randy, what’s the first
letter of your last name? – C – C, let’s find a book that starts with the letter C! – Good idea, follow me! Let me show you. (Fun, upbeat music) – What letter is that? – [Children] C – C! Do you see any interesting books? Look down there. The author is Jane Clarke. Do you like that book? Do you wanna check it out? – Yes. – [Carmen] Okay good! – [Woman] Excellent! How about you? What books do you want to check out? – The book that I saw earlier. – [Woman] And how about you? – I wanna check out the dog book. – [Carmen] That’s a great choice! – [Woman] Okay! Let’s go! – I’ll show you where we can check out your books. – Hi – Hi, are you ready to check out? – [All] Yeah! – Okay, I’ll help you! First, do you have your library card? – [Children] Yeah! (Upbeat music) – [Woman] Hey! Great! Okay… Wow! – [Carmen] Good job! – [Gracelyn] Here you go. Here’s your receipt, and
your item is due back on Tuesday, February 22nd. Okay? – Thank you! – You’re welcome, enjoy your books! – [All] Thanks. – Now remember, you can go on the internet to find your nearest library by typing the city where you’re from and the word ‘Library’
next to it so that you can find your local branch. Bye bye! – Thank you, bye! Thank you! – Bye! (Fun, lighthearted music) (Instrumental theme music)