oh, my god guys the Taipei nightlife was absolutely incredible these are my top 10 best bars and nightclubs for an epic night out here in Taipei kick off your night in Taipei with a game of jenga friends and drinks at ONTAP, ONTAP is a great laid-back pub where you can mingle with many English-speaking locals and expats now most bars and nightclubs in taipei are conveniently located within one massive building complex right across the famous Taipei 101 tower called ATT4Fun, alright guys let’s check out FRANK, it’s a awesome lounge on a rooftop here at ATT4Fun FRANK is a great laid-back lounge for cocktails and a rooftop patio with an excellent view of taipei 101 alfre club’s VIBE is the latest addition to the taipei nightlife i visited vibe during their grand opening and was pleasantly surprised by this unique feature digital beer pong can you believe it you simply download the app and you can match up with a friend or a date what a great way to socialize at a nightclub Another awesome club at the att for fun complex is pong luckily a visitor taipei during the insane halloween weekend and this was their pong halloween party Pom has some great cocktails also digital beer pong and an upscale crowd Digital beer pong must be quite trending right now in asia if you ask me pong is another club not, to be missed alternatively launched it up at thousand and one nights Enjoy, sheesh us and they’re very odd flavors gum and banana oh, ho yeah Trying, to make some banana. B hair unsuccessfully this place usually gets quite busy deep in the night basically a great place for a drink a smoke smoke and a pancake bong in a blintz coincidentally a few of my friends from north america were in taiwan as well so we all met up to check out vap 18 a fun night club also located at a tt for fun at this place alice first introduced to all-you-can-drink parties you basically pay a low fixed fee at the door usually around 25 bucks and you can drink all night unlimited the only bad part long line set the bar special tip it’s ladies night on wednesday electro one of the hottest nightclubs here in taipei Bottleservice a large dance floor and a high-energy crowd i personally had an epic time here at electro especially in the dj booth the next day i met up with friends at in-house restaurant for some eats and drinks and a thorough helloween costume inspection because it’s halloween weekend in taipei there is a very good reason to visit the absolute best nightclub in town omni nightclub but before we headed out it’s time to load up on some drinks It is quite common in taipei to have a few drinks on the street before you head out, to the clubs this is where you start of the night get yourself a few drinks and head up the bars or clubs we took another beer break at landmark a craft beer tap room just down the street from babe 18s here you can enjoy some crisps beer with an outdoor setting perhaps beer in taipei Okay, now let’s jump on the subway for our final destination omni nightclub we are now waiting in line i’m gonna hide all the way And there’s a huge lineup omni is absolutely the most epic nightclub in taiwan and i highly recommend you visit with this massive nightclub during halloween this, place was how to control including a complete show on stage with incredible costumes smoke machines creepy clowns how about, some popcorn and many awesome locals also expect some quality edm i May, even go as, far to say that this was absolutely the most incredible halloween party i have ever attended right next to omni you will find core taipei The alternative to omni a fancy club with a massive cocktail bar top 40 r&b and hip-hop sadly though no actual dancefloor but a great place to socialize We’re not done yet because here are a few bonus tips the end tonight on a high note in taipei You may have gotten a bit hungry by now so drop by hide allow for the most delicious chinese hot pot Experience here in taipei now luckily heidi lau is also located at att for fun and open until 4:00 a.m. we’re here hiya lau and i’m being joined by vivian and Jessie, if you have to wait in line you can pamper yourself with their massage bar or nail salon otherwise grab some of their free snacks while you wait once it was our turn we were guided to our table and put into this eating Aprons heidi lau has over 20 different free items you can choose from at the sauce bar and even phone chargers at the hotpot tables this place is the definition of first class customer service my favorite part at hide allow the noodle bands only now My taiwanese friends recommended we try lamb meat for a hotpot although i really wanted to try the lamb meat with come yeah? come with come my favorite dish here award the water load of steps crunchy and refreshing especially after a buck load of alcohol or an tonight with some stinky tofu and typical taiwanese karaoke at party world okay and last but not least the taiwanese night markets night markets are a great alternative if you’re not into bars or nightclubs At night markets you can find plenty of fun games to play incredible food to eat and the most delightful people take what cake get a big blood draw So make sure you also watch my entire taiwanese night market episode the link will be listed in the description box below now entrance fees at nightclubs can be sometimes a bit steep it usually includes one or two drink tickets and if you’re really lucky it may be an All-you-can-drink kind of night now if you are on a budget make sure to pre drink at the convenient stores family mart or 7-eleven driver’s licenses si d are not always accepted at nightclubs So you may have to bring your passport as well nightclubs in taipei often close at 4 or sometimes even 4:30 a.m. Now go to my website to reformat calm to download an entire map with all the locations of the nightclubs and best bars i mentioned in this video alongside some beautiful photos prices and more of my hidden secrets and personal advice in conclusion the taipei nightlife Absolutely blew me away and if you’re considering on visiting taiwan make sure you watch all my videos thanks for watching and hope to see you again in next week’s video