is there a what’s up and welcome to my second channel guys today I am in Taipei I am staying at a really nice hotel it’s called The Regent Taipei and I’m going to be making a little review and show you around our room it’s a pretty cool building we’re on the 18th floor with some nice views so I’ll show you that but also we are in Taipei on a little bit of a business trip so if you want to find out more about some details stay tuned till the end of this little vlog and you’ll learn some more so let’s go see the room ok we’re drifting the entranceway here some nice big mirrors and then looking down here into the main room but first we have the bathroom so let’s check out the bathroom really nice spot nice big vanity sink and I never had a TV in my bathroom before so that is pretty cool and then a nice huge bathtub over here really big bathtub almost like a look at jacuzzi but I don’t think it bubbles and then over here we have a separate shower a really nice big shower and then hiding over here is the toilet awesome of Japanese to love Japanese toilet and this one is particularly nice it has tons of features all sorts of different temperature controls and water pressure and lots of cool things so that’s the bathroom it’s really nice like a little over the top almost TV is so cool in the bathroom so coming back out into the main room right here we’ve got a little coffee station a little Nespresso machine and then some storage refrigerator yeah pretty cool and then this is the main room it’s pretty bright in here from massive windows at the back but we have this awesome bed I was just laying down on it and it’s super comfortable it almost looks like it’s floating but there’s some support under there big closet storage area and a TV I’m not exactly sure about maybe like one enough sixty inches or something huge and Sabrina she’s sitting right at the desk this is an awesome work location going to be editing some videos here later for sure over here we’ve got kind of the animal lounging area some snacks they give us guava and some little cherry tomatoes and a Kiwi and then some biscuits our Taiwan cookie cool and then a nice flower as well so the best part of this room is definitely this view just check that out that it’s such a nice view of Taipei City oh it’s so big over here I’m not exactly sure what the name of that building is but I think it’s something like a fourth tallest building in Taiwan but if you look in the other direction over here you can see the tallest building in Taiwan Taipei 101 it’s quite far off in the distance that is Sydney district and we are in Junction district so a little ways away but that’s okay the locations still great and these windows are just huge I can’t believe this view you know that’s pretty much it for this room we’re going to go up to the 20th floor right now like I said we’re on the 18th floor we’ll go upstairs and show you the rooftop cool and then we’ll show you the lobby and outside because it’s quite beautiful there you go yeah thank you we get a spa Club and a pool on a 20 floor and Shanghai and Shanghai could be in here so it’s really bright it and we were on the twenty probably like this 21st now we just walk up a flight of stairs and check out this bullet it is super hot okay it’s like gotta be 32 or 33 degrees but that is a nice pool unfortunately we’re not going to be able to go swimming right now hopefully maybe tomorrow morning we will so there’s a couple restaurants and kind of like a little shopping center and buff a restaurant down here some live piano music quite a happenin spot actually there’s a lot of people here it’s really nice there is a Louis Vuitton store right in the hotel awesome so that is pretty much it this is the Regent Hotel here in Taipei really nice spot five stars I believe and lots of good-looking restaurants as well and swimming pool everything you need we got a deluxe king-size room and quite a nice spot so yeah definitely stay here I would recommend so far stay has been awesome so I mentioned that we were here on a little bit of a business meeting so I’m not going to be able to give too many details because it’s not all finalized yet but we came to meet with a company here in Taipei that does tours of Taiwan so it’s looking like at the end of August we and the start of September we will be going on a lengthy tour of the east coast of Taiwan hitting up quite a few spot we’re going to be making some really high production value videos and I’m really excited to bring them to you guys so I hope you’ll stay tuned for that and hope you enjoyed this video might’ve been a little bit of a weird one but I thought this hotel deserved its own video so thanks for watching and subscribe to this channel and if you haven’t already subscribed to the main channel and I’ll see you next time thanks for watching guys so us