Hello Friends! I have read all your comments below the video “Which Buddhas does the Cao Dai worship?” I saw many viewers misunderstand about Cao Dai and today I would like to make this video to explain why Caodaism incorporates elements from major religions Caodaism is a religion established in Vietnam in the early twentieth century, 1926. The name Cao Dai literally means “a high place”, literally the highest place where God reigns is also a shortened name of God in Cao Dai religion which has the full name is Cao Dai Tien Ong Dai Bodhisattva Ma Ha Tat. To pay homage, some Cao Dai followers often call their religion the Taoist religion. Caodaists believe that God is the founder of these religions and the whole universe. All teachings, symbolic systems and organization are directly assigned by “Cao Dai” And the Cao Dai religion is directly enlightened by God through the Pen to the believers with the mission of the Great Three Great Priesthood (meaning the Third Great Religion saves the third time.) Less than 100 years of establishment and development, Cao Dai presents itself as a new religion incorporating many elements from major religions, including Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, Islam, Christianity, and God. Daoism and some polytheistic religions in ancient times, expressed through the Five Great Paths. Even the noble religion worships a number of modern politicians and writers whom they call the “Three Saints at the top of the White Cloud”, including Sun Yat Tien, Victor Hugo and Nguyen Binh Khiem You can watch the video of Tam Thanh signing a peace treaty). Unlike most religions with long-standing origins that often deny other religions Cao Dai believers accept other religions and those religions form Cao Dai religion. They reasoned that it was the intention of God to form different religions to suit specific times and places and Cao Dai’s religion was “the only religion established by God at times.” The third and final “to save sentient beings, no longer discriminating religion ethnicity or anywhere in the world. Therefore, a special feature of Cao Dai religion is respect for beliefs and customs not forcing believers to give up or restrict activities related to their beliefs or traditional customs. In Cao Dai worship, the arrangement of Jesus sitting under the Great Reverend Ly Thai Bach does not mean that Jesus is smaller than the Dharma but rather the order of the Five Great Paths Here I would like to remind you of the Five Great Paths According to the Cao Dai teachings the Five Great Paths set up five stages of evolution from low to high, meaning a five-grade learning program (Nhon Dao, Shinto) , Holy Path, Taoist, Buddhist), with the aim of bringing the monk one time to the summit of the spiritual dignity merging into the Great Spectrum of God. This five-grade program demonstrates the doctrine of the Great Path that any practitioner who wishes to counteract the revert must go through those five levels. Starting from the religion with the teachings of Tong Tong, with Thien Tien or the Buddha up next is Shinto (with Khuong Thuong Tu Nha), next is Saint (with Jésus whose feet are German) Buddha Christna) successor to the Venerable (Venerable Thai Bach) and to the top is Buddhism with Shakyamuni Buddha They also abused evil in their robes, cultivated the highest believers and also practiced the teachings of the Tao such as not killing being honest, sociable, and doing good to avoid evil. helping around, praying, worshiping ancestors, and practicing love of all kinds through fasting with the minimum goal of bringing happiness to all bringing people back to God in Heaven world and the ultimate goal is to bring everything out of samsara Come here, I say goodbye to the whole family! The whole family visit the next time. My friends and video lovers support me by clicking register, like, share and comment!
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