– Did you know he was
in debt $35,000?
– I did not. No, did you know that
he’s not making any money – and the place is a ( bleep )
hole, did you know that?
– No. Did you know that the landlord
is gonna close him down
on October first? So, all of his dreams
are gone and this, is your frickin’ answer. Hey man, don’t bust my balls.
I’m doing the best I can. – I am busting your balls!
– I do the best I ( bleep )
can here. Could you imagine if someone
gave you a bar for free? What a dream come true.
Would you work your ass off? – Absolutely.
– Not him. Would you know about
the beers that you sell? Absolutely. Not him! I know what I’m doing.
You don’t think I– What the ( bleep )
do you do right? You know what?
You don’t think I know about
the ( bleep ) beers, man? You know about
the ( bleep ) beers? What is this draft beer,
right here? That is the Imperial IPA. What is the ABV on that beer? – About 9%.
– What did you ( bleep )
serve it in? I served it in a mason jar. Right, what do you serve
a high gravity beer in? A ( bleep ) snifter. That’s irresponsible vending. You’re serving a 9% ( bleep )
beer in a 12 ounce glass. So everything that
you guys would do to make this business
right, not him. Supposedly he’s doing
the best he can. I’m all ( bleep ) ears. You’re all ( bleep )
losses, buddy. Pam, here’s the deal.
You talk to your son tonight, because I will not
support somebody who takes money
from him mom, then drinks and acts like
a ( bleep ), do you blame me? – No.
– Okay, get your son’s
( bleep ) together and I’ll come back.
Vic, let’s get out of here. It’s your ( bleep ).
it’s your bed.
Now sleep in it.