Let’s start fresh,
what do you say?All:
Yes.That would be
very ideal for me, sir.Hi, Desi.– Desi Romano.
– This is the real Desi.– Yes, sir.
– Good to meet you.– Likewise, thank you.
– Do you remember last night?– Do you?
– Truthfully, no.And that’s what’s scary.A picture’s worth
a thousands words.– Oh, please. No.
– ( all laughing )Jon:
Just watch for a minute.Whatever, sweetheart.– Lindsey: Babe.
– What, baby?You’re gonna be doin’
another shot?– I don’t like you.
– Lindsey: Okay, well,– you’re making that clear.
– I heard enough.Desi, you can’t drink here.Ugh! I got that.
Oh, do I have that.And I look at
you guys last nightdrinking,
smoking behind the bar.Desi, you don’t know how much
money you’re losing.What employee
has a bar tab here?How much is your tab?– 90?
– Yeah.How much is your tab?– $50?
– About, yeah.– Bethany?
– Yes.How much is your tab?How much?I know the number.
So give it to me straight.You know, it…You got me
cringin’ right now.– $1,200, $1,300.
– 2,000.( all gasp )