Hey, guys, it’s Sara from extremeterrain.com. And today we have a review and install of
the Barricade 3.5-inch bull bar with skid plate, fitting your ’16 and newer Toyota Tacomas. This bull bar features heavy duty tubular
stainless steel construction with a nice polished finish, but if polish is not your thing, it
also comes in black. This bull bar includes a skid plate as well
as mounts for lighting so you can add some lights down the road. So, one thing I do wanna note is that, because
of the way this mounts to your Tacoma, it’s not gonna offer as much protection as say,
a brush guard would, that mounts higher up as well as down below. However, if you’re just looking for some mild
protection and to add some style to the front of your Tacoma, this is definitely gonna get
the job done. Coming in at around 250 dollars, this is a
great way to spice up the look of the front of your Tacoma, and has the added functionality
of the light bar brackets. I’m giving this install a one out of three
wrenches on the difficulty meter, it can be done in approximately one hour, but does require
some minor trimming for install. All right. With that said, let’s jump right into our
install. For this install, we used a 16-millimeter
wrench, 13-millimeter ratcheting wrench, 16, 14, and 10-millimeter sockets, an air ratchet,
an impact gun, and a pop clip removal tool. So, the first step for our install is to remove
this air dam on the bottom of your Tacoma’s bumper. For this, you’re gonna want a 10-millimeter
socket, and let’s get this off. Using your 10-millimeter socket, remove the
bolts holding your air dam to your bumper. Don’t forget about the two bolts on the other
side of the air dam, these also hold it on. With the bolts removed, remove your air dam. So, this portion of the install is optional,
but we’re going to remove the grille to get a better look at where these brackets are
going, and to get to them a little easier. Grab a 10-millimeter socket and remove the
two bolts out of the top of the grille. Next up, remove the two pop clips holding
in your grille to your headlight. With all of the hardware out of the grille,
pull up on the two plastic brackets on the top, and then pull the grille straight out. We’re also gonna remove these plastic air
dams behind our grille. Remove the pop clip, and you should be able
to slide these out. Pulling straight out to release the clips,
you should be able to twist it and remove it. So, with our grille and our air dams removed,
we can now see the crash beam nuts that we have to remove. We’re gonna take off the two on the outside
of our crash beam, we’re gonna start with this one on the top because it is easier to
get to from this angle. Using your 14-millimeter socket, remove this
nut. So, you do have to remove part of the splash
guard in order to install the brackets. Ours has already been cut, but I have the
piece here to demonstrate. You’re just gonna cut right along this frame
piece here, and then straight out just to clear about that much room for the bracket. And with this cut away, we can now see the
bottom nut, grab your 14-millimeter socket and remove it. Grab the bracket marked “P” for passenger,
slide it up through the hole that you just made, and over top of the studs with the top
two holes. The third hole should line up with a larger
hole in your frame, and you can grab the included long hardware and get that through. Grab one of the large spacer washers and one
of the larger bolts, line up your spacer washer to the hole. Grab your long bolt and thread it through
that part of the frame. Make sure you get both the spacer washer as
well as the bracket. Once you have it through, grab a smaller washer,
lock washer, and then a nut. Grab a 16-millimeter wrench and a 16-millimeter
socket, you may need a swivel for this, and tighten these down. Place the nuts over the factory studs. Grab your 14-millimeter socket and tighten
these down. Repeat those steps on the other side. Grab your bracket for the driver side, line
it up over the two studs and with the opening on the frame. Grabbing the longer hardware and your large
spacer washers, line up your bolts through both spacer washers as well as the bracket. Grab your smaller washer, lock washer, and
nut, and thread them over the end of the bolts. Using a 16-millimeter socket and wrench, tighten
this down, you may also need a swivel for this one. Grabbing your factory nuts, thread them over
your studs to hold on your bracket. Grab your 14-millimeter socket and tighten
these down. With our brackets in place, we can now reinstall
our air dams and put our grille back together. Slide the air dams in and line them up to
your holes, and then snap in the pins. Once your air dam is in place, grab the plastic
clip, and reinstall it. At this point, we can reinstall our grille. Line it up to the front of the Tacoma, make
sure you’re getting the pins on both sides lined up, line up the two brackets on the
top, reinstall your hardware. Grab your 10-millimeter socket and tighten
these down. Reinstall the push clips at the corner of
your headlights. Now that our grille is installed, let’s shut
our hood. So, one thing to note is that, if you would
like to reuse your splash guard, you will need to make two small cuts in it to clear
the brackets that we just installed. Hold your splash guard up to the bottom of
your bumper, measure for your cuts, and just make sure not to cut into this top strip here
so that it can still be held onto your bumper nicely. Now, you don’t have to reuse this if you don’t
want, and we like the look of it without, so we’re gonna proceed with the install. At this point, we can attach our brackets
to our bull bar. Grab the bracket that has the driver side
“D” on there, and line it up to the driver side of your bull bar. Grab the 8X35-millimeter bolts with a washer
and a lock washer, and thread these in. As you can see, there’s quite a bit of adjustability
here, so we’re just gonna snug these up for now, and tighten them down when they’re on
the Tacoma. Repeat that process with the passenger side
bracket on the other side. We’re just gonna snug these down, again, because
there is a lot adjustability, we’re gonna make sure it lines up nicely with the front
of the Tacoma, and then tighten it down once it’s on the truck. Grab your bull bar and line it up to the brackets. Grab your hardware with a washer on each side,
and using a washer, lock washer, and nut, get it started on the other side. Repeat that on the other side. Line up your bracket, and make sure there’s
a washer, lock washer, and nut on the other side. Line up the back holes, and install your hardware. Line up your hardware on the other side. So, as you can see, there is a lot of adjustability
with this bull bar. So, you wanna put it right about where you
want it, I’d say, I like it right about there. Hold it in place, and grab your 16-millimeter
socket and wrench and tighten down. Tighten down your other side. Grabbing a 13-millimeter ratcheting wrench,
tighten down the two bolts holding your bull bar to the bracket. You may have to use an open-end on this side
because it is pretty close to this bracket. Grab your 13-millimeter wrench and tighten
down the other side. All right. So, that is gonna do it for the review and
install of our Barricade bull bar. Remember, for all things Tacoma, keep it at