‘Remember this well.’ ‘Father should not go missing
or else..’ ‘You there.’ ‘Are you giving me
a responsibility or a threat?’ ‘I am not threatening you.’ ‘I am just asking you
to look after him.’ ‘Please do not worry,
Mr. Jethalaal.’ ‘We will look after your father.
– Thank you, Ms. Madhavi.’ Where are the ones
going to Goa? Isn’t this strange? The ones that are not going
are here and the ones who have to go
are not here yet. You are right.
– Exactly! It is same as the guests
have arrived but the bride and groom
are nowhere to be seen. Mr. Mehta, why do you have
to use such sayings? Popatlaal, be it a saying
but there is a bride. Still, I am sorry
if I have hurt you. Ms. Babita. Ms. Madhavi said that you
wanted to go to Goa but you had to cancel it
because of Mr. Aiyar. Aiyar said that he may have
a conference in Goa next month so we will be going then. What is this, Mr. Aiyar? You have connected the trip
to your work. If you will be at the conference Ms. Babita will get bored
at the hotel. Ms. Babita, you should do this. When you decide for the trip,
please let me know. Daya and I.. We will both come with you. Then even if Mr. Aiyar
is busy with his conference we can enjoy the Goa tour. Am I right, Daya? Yes, that is right. And when Mr. Aiyar gets free you may go out with him
as well. Jethalaal, the conference
is not fixed yet. Not an issue.
Let us know when it is. We will all go to Goa together. Am I right, Daya?
– Yes. It will be a lot of fun. We may think of that later but what about the ones
that will be going now? Yes. Come on now.
– Come on. Where are the rest? Where have you been, Goli?
– Yes? Sorry, Dad. We were doing some
last minute packing. – Right. Okay.. Hurry up
or you might get late. We are here
but where are the rest? Since you are here,
go and call everyone here. Yes. Yes, we should call
Mr. Bhide first and then, he will get
everyone here. Mr. Bhide!
– Mr. Bhide! We are here!
– There they are! Come on now. Come on now. Hurry. Please come.
– Here we are! We are here but what about Tapu
and your father, Jethalaal? Yes? You should be knowing that as you have taken
the responsibility. He speaks as if he has
given me the key to his house. What did you say?
– Nothing. Here we are! Father is here
and so is Tapu. Please come. Hello, friends.
Hi! Has everyone kept
their luggage in? Yes, it is done.
– Good. Yes, all our luggage has
already been kept in the car. Hello!
Even we are ready! We will be going to Goa!
It will be so much fun! Amazing! Here we are!
Ready for the trip! Mr. Sodhi, you are ready
for the trip. Amazing! I am so excited that if the pilot delays
even if for a minute then I will put him aside
and fly the plane myself. Wow, Dad! Sodhi, please do not do this.
– Bhide, I will not do this. I am just joking! We cannot trust him. I would like to give something
to everyone. I know what it is. What it is? What does a teacher
give to everyone? Punishment. No. Nothing like that. Bhide will impart knowledge
to all. No, Jethalaal.
There is nothing as such. I have got some bags
for everyone. So systematic.
– Yes. Ms. Daya, I’ll get this later.
Okay. – Yes. Bhide, tell us.
What do we have to do with this? Sir, we’ll need this
while on the trip. We can keep our wallets,
phones and other stuff. – Okay. Splendid, Bhide. What is this, Mr. Bhide?
– Yes? Pinku, everyone has that
in their bags. I’ve written our phone numbers
and the address of Gokuldham. And when we will reach
the resort I will put their card in it
as well. So that if someone gets
lost they can come back
to the resort. And they can contact
each other. Wow!
– Good idea. You are great, Mr. Bhide. That is all fine, Bhide. Why are you saying this,
looking at me? No, sir.
I am saying this to all. Then why do you not look
at everyone else? Why is that you look
only at me? What do you think? That I will go missing
in Goa? I do not think so
but Jethalaal does. What?
– Jetha? Is that what you think? No. Not at all. Bhide, you are mistaken. I was saying that father’s nature is such
that he gets lost in nature and as such, you should
look after him. That is what I was saying. Splendid, Jethalaal. Nice sway of words.
That is good. That is homonyms for you!
Splendid. No one thinks that you will
go missing, Father-in-law. Yes. Mr. Bhide gave the bags
to everyone for their convenience. Yes, sir.
– Yes, sir. Yes. Come on, hurry now. What if there is traffic
on the way? You have to go to the airport.
Hurry up. Sure, let us go.
– Come on. – Come on. You are all going to Goa but I am worried. It is raining heavily
in Mumbai. What if it rains heavily
in Goa too? True. It will not be as much fun
then. Do not worry, Mr. Popatlaal. We have checked
the weather of Goa. It is not raining
in Goa. Yes.
– Yes. Splendid!
– Thank God! Hail Lord Ganesha!
– Hail! Hail Mother Goddess!
– Hail! Let us go.
– Hurry up. Just a minute. Father..
Just a minute. What is it? Take care. Just a minute.
– Sure. Sure, I’ll take care.
Don’t worry. – Please do. Hold on..
– Fine. Lower the window.
Why are you waving? – Okay. Sorry. What’s the matter?
– Put your hand forth. Okay, bye.. – No. You’ve
promised to take care of dad. It’s your responsibility.
– Fine, pal. Who is at the back?
Sodhi? – Yes, Mr. Jetha. Look, he has promised me. Absolutely.
– Remind him. All right? Fulfil your promise even if you
end up losing your life, Bhide. Mr. Champak would have
already reached Goa. – Okay. Move..
– Let’s go. Bye..
– Bye. Hello. Inspector Chalu Pandey
from Mumbai Police here. Tell me,
Inspector Chalu Pandey. In the flight that has landed
in Goa from Mumbai, there is a man who has fled with a very
expensive heritage idol worth Rs. 5 crore. What!
– The size of the idol is small. It can be hidden anywhere. I have e-mailed the picture
of that idol. Do check it.
– Yes, sir. Listen, Inspector, that person
shouldn’t escape. It’s very important for us
to acquire that idol. Keep a watch over every
person getting off the flight. Search the one you suspect,
thoroughly. Got it?
– Okay, sir. Hail Maharashtra!
– Hail Goa! Hail Goa! I need to go to Goa. All passengers from Mumbai,
please join this queue. This queue.
Stay in the queue, sir.. Are you in the queue?
– Yes. There is checking even after
stepping out of the airport. The luggage has been
checked inside, right? Yes, darling.
That’s what I am thinking. Stand in a queue. Stand in a queue. Inspector, why is there
a checking? Sir, a thief is arriving in Goa
from Mumbai with a stolen idol worth Rs. 5 crore. This checking is being
performed for that. – Okay. We are in search of him. Sorry, everyone will
face a little trouble but.. No..
Inspector, this is no trouble. I will be in the queue. It is the duty of every citizen
to help the police. – Yes. That thief would
surely get caught. Come on, continue checking. Sir, please carry on.
– No. Fulfil your duty. Sir, it is even our duty
to make sure no decent citizens face any problem. We nab the thief by his looks. You please go. Thank you. Where are you going?
– Sir, what’s the matter? Are you with them?
– No, sir. I am not with them.
– You are not, right? Then get
your luggage checked. Sir, there’s nothing
suspicious in my bag. – Come on. What’s the point
in checking it, sir? Please try to understand. You
won’t find anything in my bag. We will get to know
that on checking. ‘Oh, no!’ ‘Five identical pouches!’ ‘In which one
have I kept the idol?’ ‘If the idol remains with them,
boss won’t spare me.’ ‘I need to think of something.’ Sir, I didn’t find anything
in this bag. There is nothing, right?
– You can go. I told you so! All right. Are you done? Mumbai. We will leave Mumbai slowly..
– Sir, this is my native! We are going to Goa and not
to your native. – Okay, sir. From here, we will move fast
and reach Goa. Sir, that is Belgaum. I know.
– Okay, sir. In order to divert that
criminal, we will go to Goa via Belgaum.
Got it? Hello? – Hello?
Inspector Chalu Pandey? Yes. – Sir, we checked
all the passengers arriving from Mumbai.
But we didn’t find that idol. Oh! It means that the criminal
is very cunning. I’ll tell you what.
Keep a strict vigil over anyone you find doubtful. And keep updating me.
– Okay? – Okay, sir. Hail Goa! Hail Maharashtra! Where were we?
– In Belgaum, sir. We need to go to Goa
and not Belgaum. – Okay, sir. Yes, Basundi.
I’m in Goa. No.. In a day or two, I need to
undertake a work-related trip. Yes. Alone. We will go..
We will go to Goa. We will visit the temples
over there. Hear me out..
Basundi! She got upset
on mentioning about temples. Hey, don’t wear it.
We’ll have to return it. That’s how these big hotels are.
They charge for everything. They’ll charge us at least
Rs. 250 for this and at least Rs. 100
for this chain. We are ten of us. So,
almost Rs. 3,500 is wasted here. Don’t be silly.
What are you saying? This could be their tradition.
Why would they start selling while welcoming us?
It’s a hotel.. Tradition? – Yes.
– Is there any tradition of putting the hat?
– Come on.. Mr. Bhide..
– Yes. What happened?
Why are you both still here? Look, they offered hats
while welcoming us. Each hat must be at least
of Rs. 250. No, Mr. Bhide. They’re not
selling these things. They’re giving us this chain
and hat to welcome us. Really?
– See? – Yes! Is it free?
– Yes, absolutely! Come on.
– Of course. Let’s go.. Come on. Hey.. It’s such a beautiful resort.
– Yes. You were worrying
unnecessarily. I would obviously be worried,
right? The more beautiful they appear,
the more expensive they are. Yes, the residents of Gokuldham
have reached to the land of beaches,
sunlight, music and the land of golden sand,
Goa. Goa, which was previously
colonised by the Portuguese has become a part
of India from 1961. The millions of tourists,
not just from India but from every part of the world
keep visiting here throughout the year.
And this is where the Gokuldham residents
have ended up. But they might not be aware..
In fact, they’re not aware that Tony, the thief of idols
is also here. Tony, who has hidden
a valuable idol in the pouch
of the Gokuldham residents. We’ll have to wait and watch,
how he achieves this idol. I hope the Gokuldham residents
don’t get trapped. I hope their fun in Goa
doesn’t get spoilt. Bhide is even worried
that as per his records Mr. Champak
doesn’t get lost somewhere. Friends, don’t you worry at all.
Why are you tensed? You just enjoy the trip to Goa. Goa, the day begins
pleasantly here and it ends with fun. And it’s the capital
of fun and frolic. So, go around Goa.
Keep laughing. Keep watching ‘Taarak Mehta Ka
Ooltah Chashmah’. Keep watching, keep laughing.