Welcome to Soaping101 this week is a
much requested video surfactant shampoo bar. This is the recipe that I use
for my own hair and it may not work for everyone but feel free to use it as a
starting point and make it your own I begin by adding my waxes and butter to
pot 4.1% cetyl alcohol it has emollient moisturizing and foam
boosting properties BTMS 50 is a conditioning agent and I’m adding it at
2.4 percent, Shea butter at 1.9%. My hair is quite curly and thick and loves the
moisturizing effects of shea. And lastly 0.6% stearic acid lends hardness to your
bars. This will go in my tiny little candy melter on super low until completely
heated. While our waxes and butter are melting I’ll work on blending the dry
ingredients and you’ll want to wear your dust mask for this step first ingredient
is SCI powder at 41.4% it’s also sometimes referred
to as baby foam is a coconut based gentle surfactant that foams and
cleanses sodium Coco sulfate noodles which is
also coconut derived offers dense and creamy foam and the noodles
look pretty darn cool in the final product. I’m adding 29.1%
next is SLSA at 5.9% is a gentle surfactant
that also stabilizes hard water this is dl-panthanol or Pro vitamin b5 at
1.2% it adds strength and shine to my hair I’m coloring my shampoo bars with batch
certified dyes because they’re water-soluble
you can certainly use micas. This is a mix of 75% yellow number 5 in 25% blue
number one a little goes a long way. If you’ve been furiously writing down the
percentages of my recipe you can relax I’ve listed it below in the description
box so sit back and enjoy the video and take a look when you’re done Once combined I’ll add my fragrance at 1%
it is a mix of peppermint and spearmint our final cleansing agent is cocoa betaine. I want to make sure that this is
completely incorporated before adding the melted ingredients you’ll want to drizzle these in and
blend continuously be careful they do not cool on the side
of the bowl all that is left now is pressing and I
adore my Electra Press from Muddy Soap Co for this. My recipe is formulated so that
you don’t need to use cling wrap around the moulds. Muddy’s two-inch mold
makes the perfect size and shape shampoo bar. I weigh out two point two ounces of
the mix for me this is the sweet spot for retail sales so fill it up add the edge plate and
flip the lever I’m not sure why I press it twice just
a habit I guess you really only need one good press to remove the mold all I need to do is
gently twist the plates off perfect size perfect shape if you want to see what projects were
working on and see sneak peaks of upcoming videos
be sure to follow us on Instagram well that’s it for this week thanks so
much for watching and I’ll see you all next time