which is super super creepy I’m sitting
here alone that’s creepy that was really scary can I just heard a
thud this looks like a giant I’m not alone in this room
okay you know my camera’s just lost focus can you tap the noise hi guys
thank you for tuning in to Amy’s Crypt tonight I am back at the Russell hotel
in Sydney believed by many people to be one of the most haunted hotels in the
whole of Australia you guys haven’t done so already go and check out my part one
video I am linking that below for you go get up to speed on how crazy haunted
this place is because we are going to be investigating a lot tonight the Russell Hotel dates back to 1887 and
is thought to be one of the most haunted places in Sydney Australia it was built
on top of the site of a former hospital with patients and staff from the past
believed to be amongst some of the ghosts haunting this hotel
additionally multiple murders have occurred within this building’s walls
including that of a sailor murdered by a prostitute with in room number 8 this
sailor is now said to haunt roommate making it the most haunted place to stay
within the Russell Hotel and of course where I chose to spend the night okay
guys I’m gonna kick off the second part video of the Russell Hotel with a spirit
box guy Simon said it ready to go I watched my part one I did a spirit box
session in that video and I’ll tell you what I actually got some weird responses
free I haven’t reviewed the footage yet obviously I’m filming this store I
haven’t edited but in the moment I definitely heard a lot of voices come
for this so I’m gonna be kicking off tonight with a spirit box and trying to
reach out to the sailor who was murdered in room 8 where I cut and currently
sitting supposedly murdered by a prostitute now his spirit is said to
form and be seen by a lot of people right where I’m sitting so he stands at
the foot of the bed where I am now that’s right Jaime and people laying in
bed have seen him standing there staring at them watching them which is super
super creepy but I’m gonna sit right where he has been sin and try and reach
out and see if we can communicate so let me go flick off the lights and let’s get
started hello my name is Amy I’m hoping to make contact and talk to the male
spirit of a sailor who has been seen in this room where I’m sitting I’m gonna be
turning on a device feel free to come closer to me and use that device which
is in my hands to communicate and talk to me please come forward and tell me
your name is our man here in this my man name can
you tell me what happened to you here at the rusty hotel get too much through there at least
after I swapped frequency I’ll definitely review the footage and a lot
of time in a review I do find that I can hear words better if you guys did hear
any words so feel free to drop them in the comments very interested to know if
you heard anything and what you interpret out of these sessions oh man
alright guys cuz I didn’t pick up too much on the spirit box just then I’m
gonna leave and just do a lap around the hotel at night seeking cut it see how
big this place is get a bit more of a feel for it and we’re gonna have run the
ghost tube up at the same time this app is free to download on both Apple and
Android so if you want it for yourself I’m gonna leave a description a link in
the description for you guys alright I just hit record on a greased obsession
in the rest of I’m gonna go for a walk and I’m gonna
watch the magnetic readings it’s actually pretty low it’s actually
pretty is actually pretty it’s actually pretty was actually pretty except just
getting higher as I got the stairs now if you haven’t watched part 1 you
guys wouldn’t know that this place was actually built on the site of a former
hospital it was opened in 1788 it was the convicts Hospital here in Sydney
Australia that’s creepy like there’s something in this staircase lead paint oh my god another gross –
obsession why we walk around just cuz why not
basically this place was called nurses walk because it was where the nurses
would come down this alley and access the back of the hospital you can see how
close this nurse is that’s our room right there which is pretty cool we can
actually cut the window and look down onto the nurses look like this is why
over here as though there are any doctors or nurses around me can you
please come close to my hands maybe tell me your name we’ll say hello
use this device to talk to me this place here is actually named
surgeon was caught so maybe it’s a big rut
listen captions may be out of night anyway this is surgeons court so maybe
there was like a surgery around here this here fortune of war hotel that’s
the oldest pub yeah that was founded by a convict in he goes 1826 or something
like that there any any spirits around here patients who used to work at the
hospital can you come closer and let me know that you’re here in fact looking
for this glass yeah this building looks quite old the back of it this looks like
a jail okay guys I’m going to start recording now because we’re on the Main
Street and we might head back in to our hotel room and try and reach out a
little bit more and see if we can make contact with any spirits alright guys I’ve just gotten rid of
Jared and I’m going to conduct an EVP session here in the room alone and
supposedly the ghost that haunts this room only shows himself to lone females
so good riddance to Jared let’s do some investigating I’m about to switch off
the light yeah and now I’m completely in the dark
so what I’m going to do is I’m going to switch on my not shot voila now we can
see guys can not really see me very well because of the reflection of this light
but there I am this is the room and we’re gonna put ghost tape on I’m
gonna put it on the end of the bed it’s currently recording now summon roommate
at the Russell hotel as you can see my friend here it has a magnetic meter on
it you know some of the thinking here is if a spirit comes towards that it should
go up and now I’m gonna reach out to the spirit who is said to appear right here
hi my name is Amy I would love to know if I am NOT alone in this room currently it’s just me I heard that
there is a sailor who likes to show himself to women here can you show
yourself to me I don’t mean you any harm I just like to
know if there’s someone here with me if there’s someone in this room with me
can you come close to the foot of the bed where I’m sitting could you make a noise and let me know
that you’re here is there a cellular yeah okay you know my cameras just lost focus
what brings you to this room why are you in room eight I’m sitting here alone I’m
calling out to the man who haunts this room I would like for you to come and
say hello to me or let me know that you’re here can you tap on make a noise can you show yourself for walk closer to
me can you come near to the bed I’m not getting any fluctuations on the
ghost to pup so I’m going to wrap that up the anyway I have on is just my
charger down here then that I can’t really see much in here and I just what
that light was the face I wanted to know that you’re here can I just have a Fudd what is your name why do you any show yourself to women if you don’t make a noise for me now I’m
gonna stop talking to you if you want me to keep talking to you please let me
know that you’re here and can you tap or make a noise on the wall there’s
definitely noises okay guys I’ve just got a comfortable on the bed and I’m
going to do one last spirit box I think I’m gonna make this my last
investigation piece I’ve got a lot of external noise that I don’t know what
he’s going on above me it sounds like someone is moving furniture I don’t know
it might be that’s paranormal people have he ever claimed to hear screams
coming from empty rooms beside them so maybe it’s some weird Hospital going on
up there I don’t know we’re gonna reach out in the spirit box I started the
session this way it seems right to kind of end it that way – hi my name is Amy
there are these skirts in this room with me can you please say hello if you are
yeah could you please tell me the name of the hotel you guys gonna hear that that’s really odd when I go out there’s
nothing out there I don’t know if my camera’s peak it was pick up all this
noise but there’s a lot of ways I have no idea what that is it’s like I
don’t know midnight or something on a Monday I’m just going to continue with a
session because this just keeps going this noise
I have no idea what it could be I have no idea it’s definitely inside
the hotel it’s definitely right about me how many spirits are in this hotel there’s no one spirit in this flame with
me ok xyla please tell me you’re here can you tell
me what room number I am in okay I just stopped because I heard a
high pitch it sounded like someone screaming honest to god
I have no idea if my camera will pick that it sound like someone screaming
outside the door real high pitch like a kid maybe so I
feel like I didn’t really get much free then I did hear a lot of noises coming
from within the actual hotel then though I I don’t actually think they’re
paranormal I I think there’s like reasonable explanations for those unless
like the rooms above me are empty which I’m sure they wouldn’t be this is quite
a popular tourist destination within Sydney the rocks is right and you seen
how close it was earlier to the bridge so I know it’s pretty odd Oh try to keep
you guys posted if anything happens throughout then right we are sleeping
here I think there’s noise outside the hotel
now that was humming like a door it actually sounded like the same
high-pitched squeal so maybe the door is like it needs some whale or something
but I’m gonna keep you posted throughout the night if anything interesting
happens you guys will know about it in this video yeah
yeah yeah what do you believe could the Russell Hotel be one of the most haunted
places in Sydney thank you guys so much for watching I hope they enjoyed this
video if you did please remember to Like comment share and subscribe
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