[MUSIC] Hey, I’m Stephanie Essin at GDC. I’m up here with Narice Wint
from Lucid Games, who’s hanging out at the Intel Indie Lounge. Tell us what you’re
demoing today. So we’re demoing Switchblade. So it’s a five versus
five, vehicle mobile game. If you like League of Legends
and Rocket League kind of smashed together. Switchblade is quite
awesome because you get to switch vehicles in
the Obama, middle of a match. Which way, you get to take
two vehicles into the game. Say I put [INAUDIBLE]. So you could swap
out whenever you want and you change the course of
the battle any time really. That’s cool. So if you would have to pin
it as a certain themed game what would it be? I’d say a mobile, definitely. Very cool. All right, so tell me a
little bit more though. What’s the objective
of the game? So basically, you escort
your mobs, take down towers because your ultimate
goal is basically, to get to base in
the amount of time. So the game lasts
for 20 minutes, you need to take all the
bases down before then. Very awesome. And what was your part in
the production of the game? So I helped with the
vehicle production, creating the maps as well,
the new ones that’ll come in. And I also helped a little
bit with the marketing and the local relations as well. Awesome. Well, like Jack of all trades– Jane of all trades. [LAUGHTER] Awesome. Well, tell us a
little bit about how Intel played a role in the
journey to getting to GDC. Yeah. So Intel really
helped quite a lot. They really helped with
the marketing side as well. As soon as we want
friends to play, they really helped us come
and push out the message. Like [INAUDIBLE] is one of
my social media channels. They’ve helped where I
can send in Intel keys and them spending them out
to influences and stuff. And just making sure our
game is optimized really well for low spec
machines, making sure there’s nothing wrong with
[INAUDIBLE] using too much CPUs or like that. Yeah. That’s awesome. I’m sure the outcome
is just awesome and it looks really amazing. Yeah. Definitely. Good stuff. So where can developers
go to learn more? You can go to
Switchbladegame.com and you can also find us
on Twitter and Facebook, we’re very active on there. Plus, we have
Discord channel where all the developers are there. Ready to answer any questions
as fast as possible. Very cool. And you guys can also
check out the links below. Thanks for watching and
thank you for joining me! No problem. Thank you. [INTEL JINGLE]