At many event spaces, you’re purchasing the
food and the space. And here, at Elevate Event Lounge, you’re getting the entertainment and
the ambiance. Elevate Event Lounge has been a dream of mine, for a long time. This room
can be customized to anything you want. It can be customized to any theme. The colors
change, the furniture changes. If you have dreams of coming in and making it a Cinderella
Castle, you can make it into Cinderella’s Castle. If you want to make it into Yankee
Stadium, you can make it into Yankee Stadium. It’s your idea. You bring it here and we create
it. I had a couple ideas, before we came here. And then, we came here and I looked at it.
And I was like, “I wanna have my party here.” When we meet clients, we want to know about
them. We want to feel what they like. We want to know what they like. What Chris and his
family have done…cause they all, to me, they act like a family. And they made us feel
like part of the family. That’s what made it so comforting. As we’re planning their
event, we get closer. If they don’t connect with us, they’re not gonna trust us with their
party. It’s very personal. It’s a personal experience. We always felt that we were gonna
get what we bargained for. But it was the process of doing that which was so comforting.
And then, of course, the party itself was actually was way more fun than we even expected.
It was amazing. It was really fun. The room’s equipped with 16 LED lights in the dining
room and another 30 on the dance floor. These lights can be turned any color. Our unique
acrylic tables can be turned any color, of your choice. Our dance floor is 1,500 square
feet big. It has moving head lighting and some amazing light-up dance stages, along
with our seven TV screens. I like the challenge of making this room the best it possibly can
be. Well, this is their place. You could feel the love that they have in this place. It’s
reflected in the stonework behind the bar. It’s reflected in how the lighting in the
seating area and how the food is. Everything was laid out perfectly. Just the feel of it.
I mean, right now when we walked in and we said, “Oh, my God. We wish we could have another
party tomorrow here.” Because it’s amazing and the staff is great. You walk in and you
just want to have a party.At the end, they’re happy and I know I did my job. And that’s
just, to me, the greatest feeling. I love music and I love making people dance. It’s
just an amazing experience, meeting different people and making them dance. You can’t ask
for more.