Where are you? We are now at Suris Hotel of Bali Near Kuta Square We came here first Swimming at pool Nice hotel & view We are at pool view room Total we are traveling five people One on the way Today is our second day at Bali Doing breakfast at Suris Hotel Today our menu is Nasi Goreng That’s Mee Goreng Mee Goreng with noodles Nasi Goreng with fried rice Is this breakfast complimentary? Yes it is Our room is only of 15 USD Only 15 USD! Is it including breakfast? With breakfast almost 18 USD only So cheap price Yes, that’s what you get in Bali for hotels The currency system is critical You need to count all in Lac amount Now we are becoming used to it compare it BDT 1 is here 164 Rupaiya How about 100 dollar? 100 USD is here 13 Lac 65 Thousand Rupaiya 100 USD=13 Lac 65 Thousand Rupaiya