Hello. Hey, it’s been a while since I filmed a snapshot. This has been one heck of a year, and it’s not over yet. But, I did have a question the other day. A question came in, said, Hey, we’d be happy to This was from an employee or perhaps a volunteer And the question was, we would be happy to help with school lunch supervision if you would give us a lunch for free. We could just have one of the lunches or we could go through and pick some of the food we wanted and you didn’t charge us for it we’d be happy to eat lunch in the cafeteria and help with supervision. That’s a great, that’s a great suggestion. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the School Lunch Program is funded by the federal government And, as often is the case, the things that are funded by the federal government there are strings attached. There are regulations written about what we can serve, what we can’t serve. We’ve been having the conversation about peanut butter and, Anyway So, back to this part There are regulations on who can be given those lunches. And how much they have to pay for those lunches, or not. Quite frankly, as we’ve pored through those and looked carefully, we are not able to give lunches to folks, regardless of the services that they’re providing Those have to be purchased. Great suggestion, I appreciate it I guess if the school wanted to come up with some other revenue or, if there were other revenue to pay for that in order to encourage people to be in the lunchroom for lunchroom supervision, they can do that. But, that funding can’t come from the lunch program itself Thanks for all you do, truly. For all you do, whether you get a free lunch or not. I appreciate all of you.