If I had to describe the Sunset collection in three words I would certainly use “space”. One of the targets of this project was to design the spaces for relax. Therefore I tried to create a rational and versatile design which was a tool to fit out places with objects closely related one another. The second word is “line”. A rhythmical element features the collection: a series of parallel lines running along the outer perimeter emphasizes the three-dimensionality of the object and underlines the cosiness of the product like you may feel in a hug. The third word is “personalization”. Thanks to the correct ergonomic size we can use the object in three combinations: with two cushions or only one on the seat or without any for a more radical outdoor use. As option a small table, very useful to hold objects and have them at your fingertips while comfortably seated. Inspiration is around us and in our daily life. It is just to catch the messages and the informations which situations and objects provide us with in relation to an idea or a briefing we are thinking of. For Sunset the inspiration might come from the convivial moments I saw in the squares of my hometown maybe during the happy hour time.