Today we will make breakfast from semolina Which is very crispy and tangy you can store for a month after packing in air tight container and can enjoy with tea lets start making suji squares INGREDIENTS : SEMOLINA ( SUJI ) – 1 CUP KASHMIRI RED CHILLY POWDER – 1 TSP SALT TO TASTE CHAAT MASALA POWEDER – 1 TSP OIL FOR FRY First will grind suji in mixer Add semolina in mixer jar grind it Semolina is grinded it is in powder form now will make dough from this take a big bowl add semolina powder add salt to taste add little water prepare soft dough suji absorbs water dough is kneeded kept soft dough cover it and keep for 20 minutes to set check after 20 minutes open cover semolina has absorbed all water soft dough is ready kneed for 1 minute prepare 4 parts from dough you can make 8 small parts also roll to prepare big peda shape put peda on rolling board roll it with rolling pin prepare round shape keep little thick roti shape cut it with help of pizza cutter will cut in square shape if you wish can cut in diamond shape cut in straight lines I have cut lines with around 10 cm it is cut from one side cut it from another side rotate rolling pin again cut in square shape with straight lines you can cut in diamond shape if wish i have cut in square shape I have put oil in pan on gas for heating oil is heated now add squares one by one add all as maximum possible in a pan Bring down gas flame to low Fry till they become crisp and golden brown in color Keep flipping so that they fry from all sides Suji squares are fried now they are golden brown and crisp Take out in a bowl add red chilly powder when they are hot add salt add chaat masala mix them well mix masala when they are hot not advisable to add after they become cold masala is mixed now fry rest of squares in same way All suji squares are fried and served in a plate you can pack in air tight container and use for a month it is very tasty breakfast you sure try this at home share your feedback in comment below