what’s up everyone bus here and I actually I’m not sure where exactly I’ll be going I’m sorry I did not take the game well boy I I will try to do try to do my best not shaking camera that much so yeah I’ll be reading good I’m sorry I have like my throat kind of hurts so I just like to so yeah if I think is that I will be meeting Jay she’s my homie from Shanghai and we are living here in Korea so we will be meeting at random and then we will be going to home then not sure except shopping I’m not sure yet world will be doing but then we will move for sure to how many because I know there is so nice place for drinking for like my like free flow by police so I think we’ll be going for it I will try to show it up to you guys so you know where you go and I think he’s like one I mean I still hope it is like five lifestyle 5900 Korean one for for a free flow it’s a pretty good deal so uh yeah let’s get it see the range likewise no package over have some snacks buying like one small package of some snacks can basically take small I’m huge with it I cannot even imagine like myself sitting and it is like you know maybe I have to haha maybe it’s a good idea for our [Music] they are building some nice food along the stream so I think it will it will look really cool quite soon I hope that maybe as may need to be maturity so when the water would be perfect and now just yeah let’s see where I can actually hear music ooh trees [Music] looks like [Music] [Music] Oh [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Oh [Music] [Music] yeah like older building new stairs it’s cool [Music] hey so uh one quick tip if you want to buy cosmetics with a cheaper cheaper price and don’t buy it like directly from the flagship store of course like you will get some free samples there but for this comes like 30 percent discount 50% discount depends what what do you want to speak photos of the stuff that you want you want to want to buy it just come to the million but not the flagship stores but you actually can find like there’s like this one almost story there’s one more just like in front of it and they are selling like old you products for hosting prices you cannot find like all of the products but you can you can give it a try and I will try to link a new location for you so whenever you are here and you want to buy some cosmetics with a very nice price I mean like I bought I bought like the mask for 200 each PE one which usually like the cars of our price is a like usual prices vegetable usual price is like 1500 or something I please [Music] actually I think like I would like 15 must wherever you wanted there is someone uterus like Tracy there is there is the Commissioner is of course like Ed you the middle of the Korean like national our breath as well so check it out fight [Music] I really love this brand for for like character this one and this one are really really good so uh [Music] [Music] I told you where the I’m in Locke and all just so I really want to write me yes I already have [Music] they’re so cute I mean I would know that we broke up Robbie throw away the package bye [Music] you try it [Music] [Music] Blanca’s ordered breakfast table there was that they actually okay so this one is real keep this one here’s what you said from the location called cheap counters [Music] do you think it tastes like meat at the same time it tastes like I’m not the refugee affected that’s a CJ is a bit like coffee really yeah [Music] right yeah be like coffee I mean obviously like boom barreling exactly but they also have like roster Facebook yeah right take maybe locations mean you want to try yeah I don’t know these people also kind of here [Music] it’s [Music] this won’t freeze yeah yeah this is not a pizza this is cheese inky pancake yeah you can go first oh my god people don’t really know any yeah really crazy about [Music] [Music]