Ladies and gentlemen, I’m proud to introduce and welcome Nick Cannon (applause) [NARRATOR VOICEOVER:] Office Depot added some
star-power to it’s national backpack donation day, by sharing the stage with host of TV’s
America’s Got Talent & current Office Depot Back to School spokesperson, Nick Cannon. [NICK CANNON ON PODIUM:] we’re all about
community and to be able to see young people in front of me right now and just smiling
and inspired—inspires me so. [NARRATOR VOICEOVER:] The Office Depot Foundation
has a mission to help children learn & succeed and used this event in South Florida to donate
over 10,000 sackpacks to underprivileged children. [CHRISTINE BUSCARINO AT THE PODIUM:] Office
Depot and the Office Depot Foundation know how important it is to succeed in school,
and we know an important part of that is making sure you have the proper tools. [NEIL AT PODIUM] And the Foundation really
believes that every kid should have the opportunity to take advantage of school and be on the
same level playing field as everybody else. [NARRATOR VOICEOVER:] And it’s a goal that
celebrity Nick Cannon knows can make an impact on kids. [NICK CANNON] I was a kid who grew up in kinda
a low income family and household, and people don’t really think about it cause it seems
like a small thing like school supplies, [Mary Wong, President, Office Depot Foundation]
and that they can be just like every other kid no matter what their economic status is,
I think that’s what Office Depot has done for the last 12 years with giving out 2.9
million of these backpacks. [NARRATOR VOICEOVER:] But this year’s donation
turned into more of a celebration—with boy band, 4-Count providing entertainment with
their new single “Blow Me Away” [NARRATOR VOICEOVER:] All as a part of providing
kids memories and a head start for school. [Michael Allison, EVP, Human Resources]
it has such a big impact in how these kids think of themselves. Their whole self-esteem. [FOUR COUNT (Aaron, Kirin, Adam, Ben)]
It just means a lot to see the big grins on their faces and just know how much they’re
getting and they deserve it ya know. [NARRATOR VOICEOVER:] And it’s a feeling
shared throughout the community. [JANA GREY-WILLIAMS, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, SERENITY
FAMILY AND CHILDREN SERVICES ] Oh it is phenomenal that Office Depot continues
to reach into their pockets and give back each and every year. [Essie “Big mama” Reed, CEO, team of Life]
we can only do the best we can and Office Depot does that more than any organization
PUBLIC SCHOOLS] so the generosity of Office Depot and the
Foundation in providing these school supplies makes sure some of our neediest students have
the tools they need to be successful