the application of Connect has not only helped me learn information in different ways and apply it but is also helping me go into the new job market yeah smarts been really wonderful aspect for me it’s really helped me out so much with all my classes I mean it’s almost automatic the way it works for a just drills it right into your brain it really helped me organize my thoughts and my thought processes and help me understand how i learned i got so used to using Connect in my undergraduate level and then I got to grad school and it wasn’t there anymore and i really felt that when i was trying to study and focus my studying I miss it a lot my professor is always telling me like don’t study the stuff you know because that’s the stuff you’re going to get right Study what you don’t know well I feel like using connect allows me to go over the material more often and in different ways the time management feature there is huge in the reports features you kind of have a study guide that you’re developing for yourself the whole semester and you remember the stuff that you learn at the very start at the very end as well even though connect wasn’t a required part of the course I still utilize the homework portion of it it was really good to review for the final and just to keep up with the book and i love that connect offers for my class it offered video cases of real-life situations but I mean you gotta think about it would accompany want someone who knows information but can’t apply it for someone that actually knows the information and can also apply it connecting in colleges is definitely going to help me after college because it allows us to take the knowledge we’re in our classroom and apply it to a real-world situation I really didn’t know anything about computers and i got introduced to connect for the very first time and I connected with connect if you will Jeff and I were talking but we both read the textbook and we use Connect as a way to compound that information to really solidify our understanding of the topic help me in a way that I got through my anatomy and physiology class connect actually got me through college it’s about students feeling like they have a choice in how they learn drilling the terminology the way they present the questions aren’t just like two or false or just multiple choice the LearnSmart app was a huge part of me learning this past semester because it allowed me to take my terminology in my my homework with me essentially wherever I went Connect is there whenever I need to do it and like really it’s a big money saver you know for me I don’t pay for daycare now Connect and LearnSmart work for me because I choose when to do it I’m in control I didn’t even know that was possible anything’s possible with Connect