Good morning. If you were watching yesterday
you’ll know we’re currently onboard an Air New Zealand 777 on our way from Auckland to Los Angeles. But you’ll also remember we were having some problems with timing. Now we’re due to land at 1.26pm local time. My next flight from LA to Dallas leaves at 2:25 so
we’ve got 59 minutes from the moment our wheels touch down to
get off the plane, get through customs, get my bag, get to the next terminal, get to the gate, And then hopefully get on the next flight. Sounds like fun! Through immigration that’s step one off to
bag claim now got to pick up our bag and then get across the other terminal. It’s
now 13 minutes past two flights due to leave at 2:25 let’s go see what other
options we’ve got. But one really good side bonus of all of that was riding on that
bus from the airplane to the terminal here. It’s some great plane spotting. Well we can’t
recheck our bags because we’ve missed the flight so I’ve got to wander to
terminal for now which is just next door to the Tom Bradley International, see if
we can checked in on another flight. Meantime though, welcome to America! What happened we were late coming out of
Auckland because of our think it was weather delays, One bag it’s a bit too
big for carry-on. Which you know that’s okay if there’s a chance to get to Tampa
today. Further update it’s now 3.04 it’s just gone three o’clock here. The people
at the American Airlines desk were really helpful so if anyone from Americans
watching this your staff at LAX well awesome thank you. Unfortunately even though my flight from Dallas to Tampa was delayed because I
had a bag to check in they couldn’t get me on the flight because they’d already
put all the bags on anyway. So I’m on a flight to Dallas but tonight
actually like tomorrow morning 12:45 which gives me about nine hours in an
airport. Nine hours in an airport… Allow me to show you around Terminal four here
at Los Angeles International Airport. This is t4 entirely used only by
American Airlines bit like Qantas’ T1 at Melbourne back home. If you’re flying
into Los Angeles from many locations including Australia you’ll probably end
up at the Tom Brady International terminal … …Which is where we landed this morning from Auckland in New Zealand. And if
you’re then flying out to domestic destinations in America you’ll most
likely come through Terminal 4. But now this terminals got quite a big upgrade. And it’s also really hard to walk around talking to a phone and not bump into anyone. Food and beverage options include there’s a bar and grill there’s a wood
fire pizza Dunkin Donuts there’s even a food truck
in here, look. But if you’re travelling business on American Airlines which
we’re gonna be doing today to Dallas Fort-Worth you can get access to
this new place. This is the Admirals lounge the American Airlines Admirals
lounge same location it’s always been in T4 but it’s got quite a big upgrade
inside recently renovated back in the end of late last year late 2017. Hmm okay
finished looking around the terminal and finished looking around the lounge. Still got
six to seven hours to go. I really don’t need this I make this. Just honestly eating for the sake of it. Three hours to go I’ve been in the lounge out of a lounge
in the lounge again then we went out the lounge back here and back to the lounge
it’s around the terminals now and again… basically used up the last seven hours
but now finally after all that time waiting that the time has actually come.
I can’t believe it myself. We’re gonna go to the gate! I know never
thought I would spend that much time in Los Angeles Airport. Good fun though.