In 2003,Sissy Xue
moved to San Diego,
from Hong Kong,in pursuit
of the American dream.
10 years later,
in 2013
Sissy opened
Filling Station Pub
across the street
from Miramar’s Marine Corps
air station.
And it was
an instant success,
making an average
of $60,000 per month.
– Hello.
– Hi, sweetie. For a little bit,
it was definitely
a military bar.It was successful.Announcer:
And catering
to the military
was something close
to Sissy’s heart.
Sissy hired bartenders
with the intention
of attracting Marines
from across the street.
But her plan backfired.
I’m not a professional
bartender. I’m not very observant. Woman:
Her ( bleep ) are big,
so they’re hard to miss.
Soon, Filling Station Pub
had a revolving door
of bartenders,
leaving Sissy
with an untrained staff
that drove away
It’s been quite
a rollercoaster with her, and firing
and hiring people.They’re not
even here long enough
to be trained
because she’s fires them. Okay? Heather:
I think a lot
of the military people
want to come in
and see familiar faces. And most of the time,
they don’t. You always pick
on somebody, Sissy. Why me? Why?
Why me, now? I don’t think the girls
respect Sissy at all, I feel like,
if anything, they kind of laugh about it. Announcer:
Believing her staff
was to blame
for her sinking profits,Sissy installed
surveillance cameras
to monitor
their every move.
Filling Station,
Rosa speaking. Yeah, I’m sorry.
I won’t, I won’t,
I won’t. Okay? Sorry. Announcer:
Sissy’s inability
to keep control
has left her
with an unruly staff
an inconsistent
and a neglected bar.Announcer:
Now, Sissy’s
$400,000 in debt
and losing
$15,000 a month.
With her American dream
on the line,
Sissy has agreed
to pull back the doors,
bust open the books,
and make a call for help…
to “Bar Rescue.”