Is it weird, working together? You still have, like,
massive sibling fights. “Who does Mum love more?”, and…
Who do you think she does love more? Charlie. Me. You agree with that?
I was more well-behaved. Yeah, but I’m more talented, so… Potentially. But I’d rather be loved more
by my mum than talented. Wow, your priorities are so…
Is that right? Yeah. If I was really talented, I wouldn’t
give a shit about my mum’s love. LAUGHTER
You know what I mean? Does she show favouritism? Your mum? I think so, yeah. Doesn’t she? Yeah, but I’m in the right, cos she was a bit of a wild child
growing up, so I had to… Right. She couldn’t have two
wild children, so I had to… There was so much pressure on me
to be normal. So do you think that you…? Yeah, but you just didn’t have
personality, I think. He actually had no personality,
growing up. Um, so, did you deliberately try
and be more straight-laced and nice because your sister
was such a prick? Oh! Yeah, I think…
Yeah, massively. Like, I used to feel sorry
for my parents. Yeah. That they had her as a daughter? How? In what way did you feel sorry
for Mum and Dad because of me? Because…there was so much shit
we had to deal with. Is it true, Daisy, that you
were going to be a stripper? Well, it wasn’t that I was
going to be… I auditioned for a strip club
when I was about 18. What set of circumstances led you to decide that you wanted
to do that? I didn’t have any way
to pay the rent, so I looked at The Stage magazine
and there was a thing that said, “£500 plus a week, exotic dancing.” So I thought that was… Fruit on your head.
Fruit on your head. That’s exactly
what I thought it would be. And it said come to this certain
place and wear a evening dress. So I went round
all the charity shops and found a ball gown – like, a proper, purple ball gown – and turned up at this place
called… I think it was Sophisticats
or something like that. OK, so… Did the name ring any alarm bells? No. No. Not at all. Went in and there was about 30 girls
in there, who were working there, and they said, “Right, what song
do you want to play?” And I said, “I don’t fucking know.” At this point, did you know… Did you know you were going
to be stripping? Now I knew, there was
no way out of it now. All that could come to my head
was Ghetto Romance. Oh, my God – are you serious? Absolutely serious.
So she went and… Ghetto Romance – was that Damage? Damage. Damage – wow. LAUGHING: That is… In a fucking ball gown. It’s like you went,
“How do I make this sadder?” SHE LAUGHS And I didn’t know what to do. Were there other auditionees? There was one other girl. And what was she wearing? She was a proper stripper, so she got on, she did her thing
on the pole, and… What was her…?
Do you remember her name? Her stripper name? I think it was Jessica,
it was Jessica, that was what it was. She went up on the stage before me.
They said, “What’s your…?” They said to me,
“What’s your stage name?” All I could think was… It was Louise Redknapp. LAUGHING: Louise Redknapp? CHORTLING I didn’t think
I would ever tell anyone this! Jesus Christ!
I didn’t know about this until… Are you just really into
British R&B? Anyway, go on. Sorry, so… So… Louise steps up. First of all,
the girl before me went up and she was a proper pole dancer, so she could go up the pole,
down the pole. And then it got to my turn. And I didn’t know what to do, so I just, like,
clung onto the pole… Yeah. Started to pretend
to snog the pole… Oh, my God. And then I took the top
of…of my dress down, and just showed my tits. And…snogged the pole. THEY GIGGLE HELPLESSLY This is so hard for me
to tell you this. You know how hard this is? You tongue-kissed possibly
the dirtiest pole that you could possibly…?
Absolutely. That’s worse than licking
a school banister, you know that? Oh, my God. So how long
did you snog the pole for? For the duration of the song.
What that your only move? That was my only thing.
I didn’t know what to do. It was just horrific,
and then the guy, the owner of the club, sat me down and he said, “Unfortunately,
I just don’t think this is for you.” Did you ask for any more
detailed feedback? What are you like when
people play Damage now? I can’t listen to that song. Really? Never, ever. Ever. See, I’d rather have no personality
than have stories like that. ROMESH LAUGHS
Do you know what I mean?