Where’s Gary?
Why is Gary not doing this? – I’m sorry.
– That’s not good. Phil:
Come on, guys. Figure it out.
Let’s get organized here.
– How do the drinks taste?
– Well, I ordered the shot and this is what I got.
I can’t get to the bucket – Oh.
– That’s for delivering me
the wrong drink. – Okay.
– See what’s happening here? – The people on the other end
are being completely ignored.
– Anna: They’re being ignored. Jon:
Let’s go, guys.
Don’t forget this side.
I’m getting too many people
getting the wrong drinks. Crissy:
I need more pineapple.
Where’s Gary?
Gary, we need more
pineapple juice! The family’s being
a little rough on you. I need you
to step up right now. You manage. – And I believe in you.
– Okay. – Okay.
– Gary:Come on, guys.
You can help these bartenders. Come on.
Cheer them on, let’s go!Come on, guys!Let’s go!– Oh, my God.
That’s right, come on.John:
If everybody’s at peace,
you become a team,
you know?
And who teaches a team? The manager. I’m sorry,
and I like Gary, but to me,
he’s not a manager. Let’s go!
The lead is falling! Come on, guys.
We’re sinking faster
and faster here. – Phil:Let’s go,
let’s go, let’s go.
Let’s go!And you look at this–
look at this, Phil.We’re up at
four and a half pounds.
– Come on, girls!
– Come on, ladies. –Shake!
– They cross seven pounds,
they fail. – Go, go, go.
– Let’s go! Anna, what do you need?
Where’s Gary? Hey, Gary, they’re
getting close to
the seven pounds.Come on, guys!
We’re getting close
to seven pounds.
Gary, you know
how to make drinks? I wasn’t trained today
on that. Okay. Woman:
This is terrible.
This is not service to me.Not at all.First drink
after 45 minutes. Good job, guys.( patrons chattering )Phil:
There you go.
There’s a long pour.
– That’s what I’m looking for.
– Can I please get
another pineapple? I need another rum.
Gary, we need help! We need cups,
we need things, we have limes,
we need pineapple, –we need ice.
– Gary, see if you can get
some people moved around, serve some drinks,
do something. – Manny:Don’t leave.
I’m done.I’m not having
everybody badmouth me.
I have your sister and another sister
against me. – Would you quit on my dad?
– Right now I ambecause I’m
very frustrated
and your father
would walk away, too, if he felt you
humiliated him. So, you’re gonna quit? You’re gonna
quit on me right now? You understand
you’re being manipulated. – That there’s every excuse–
– I don’t need a ( bleep )– – You see what he does–
– I don’t need a ( bleep )
excuse to you, to him,
to anybody out here!