I’m listening.
Yes, sir. So, we’re not ready for this. – We don’t have the systems
in place to do this.
– No, no. – There’s no system.
– We are going
so effing slow. Smile. Yeah. See how easy that is?♪ Y’all ready? ♪Renae:
Looking great.
Beautiful. Beautiful.
Absolutely beautiful.Jon:
So, Selena,
little better?
Renae:Much better.
That’s my golden child
right there.
She’s gonna rock
this place. Ladies, I got orders up. Watch the gin. All I taste
is gin, gin, gin, gin, gin. – Really?
It’s too strong.It doesn’t taste goodat all.Darren:
Meshelle, come on,
and get ’em. – Okay.
Wait, wait, wait, wait!You took your main bartender
out of the bar to go run food. Let’s just all sit here
and stare at the wall. We still don’t have
a bartenderback here for the bar.Can’t get anything. We’re not set up
to make money. Apparently we’re set up
to lose money. Rich, order’s up. Okay, who’s got an order
of meat and potatoes? You got it. Announcer:
Please welcome Sweetie
to the stage.
Walk that runway
right away.
Smile, girl.You are
making me depressed.
What will make you smile? Do I need to throw
a $100 bill down there to make you smile? – ( bleep )!
Jon, we got a problem. What’s going on?Sweetie looks like
she doesn’t want to be here,
and everybody else
is feeding her
– off her energy.
– So, she’s the one that’s really pulling
everybody else down.– Absolutely.
– Do what you gotta do.
♪ It’s sounding off. ♪Girl, you’re killing me
right now. You’re still walking around
with a really ( bleep )
look on your face, like you don’t want
to be here. You have an attitude. Change it. What’s going on? ( bleep ). What are you doing?Smile,
and get back out there,
– and go to work.
– No.
– ( loud thud )
– ( bleep ).
She’s not doing her job.
She was taught what to do.Work the crowd. Be polite.
Be pleasant. Be sexy.
She ain’t doing
none of that,
so I fired her.So, she can go home. You gotta do
a better ( bleep ) job – in here, man.
– Look. No kidding. You think I’m not having
a hard time right now? Just ( bleep ) keep
working me. ( overlapping chatter ) I shouldn’t be
the waitress. Okay, why don’t you
help me for now, and then I’ll get help
in here. I’ll give you
some ( bleep ) help!