[Skinner laughing like an idiot] What’s that creepy-? Nice of the principal to invite- … us over… …f- …Gay. I hope he made lotsa Steamed Clams! Come on, Luigi! It’s from Skinner. Dear Plumbers, I hope you have… …Ruined! (…An unforgetable luncheon.) But, what if I were to purchase fast food and disguise it as my own cooking? Ho-ho-ho-ho-hoe
[Merry Christmas] Fucking Delightful. [Hey, hey. Slow down, Maurice] Hey, you! [Yes, Superintendent] ♪ Skinner with his crazy explanations, ♪ ♪ The Superintendent’s gonna need his medications, ♪ ♪ When he hears Skinner’s lame exaggerations, ♪ ♪ There’ll be trouble in town, tonight! ♪ Toast toasters, toast toast! Super Mario, I was just…ehm, just stretching my calves on the windowsill. Isometric exercise, care to join ISIS? Remember, when there’s smoke. Uhm…No! That isn’t smoke. It’s steam, steam from the spaghetti clams we’re having. MmmmMMMMMH, Spaghetti. [Every “Mmm” in snack commercials for kids] Spa. Shit. Where’d he go? Over there! Get ready to catch him. He’s not falling, Mario. Uuh. You know what? We gotta wait. Mario, Luigi, I hope you already died- [O h n o] Er. It’s a regional welcome. There seem to be no… SPAGHETTI. No, no. I said spaghetti. Yes! That’s what I call hamburgers. What the fuck. It’s an Albany expression. [Subdle hellish screams] [Holy maccheroni] Sit, Luigi. EAT YOUR PATTIES. Fine. [I have no clue what Mario and Luigi are doing but that action shouldn’t be classified as eating] [Mario coughing nothing but air out] Jesus, this… “spaghetti” sucks. Oh-oh-oh-oooh! Patented Skinner Burgers, old family poo-… Y-hey- [What happened, why is everything so blurry] You know the-. [How are they not blurry, this crossover’s horribly mounted] Excuse me for one second. [An angel spawns in the kitchen] [The angel blessed Skinner with some powerful tunes] Well, that was a wonderful aurora borealis In the kitchen? Yes, want to see it? No. Poop. We gotta go! Uh-oh. Hurry! (Help, heeeeelp)